Classes and Workshops

TheBumpWA's pregnancy classes are designed to inspire and inform expectant couples for the birth and to assist new parents during the first few weeks and months of their baby’s life.

Our classes are for all women and their partners. Our workshops are conducted by midwives or trained Childbirth Educators experienced in all types of birth.

At TheBumpWA we view childbirth as a natural and normal life event. A positive, empowered, informed birth experience leaves new parents with a sense of pride, satisfaction and heightened self esteem. However we respect that many expectant couples approach the experience with at least some trepidation. Our aim to is provide information and support in a way that will inspire women and their partners to actively plan for a great, safe birth for themselves and their baby – no matter where they choose to birth or who they choose as their care-givers.

Pregnancy Classes

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