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Description: The goal of The Pink Kit is for expectant parents to learn how-to birth better. Learn how-to prepare your pregnant body to let your baby come down, through and out whether in a natural or medical birth including non-laboring caesarean delivery. Learn practical birth and coaching skills that work well in the birth you 'choose'. Learn how-to use and adjust your Pink Kit skills for the birth you have. The Pink Kit Method is based on our human body therefore both mothers and fathers-to-be can become proficiently skilled in their equal yet different roles. Use in the privacy of your own home starting anytime from 24 weeks of pregnancy. DVD: Brings the 3 dimensional pregnant body alive and easy to understand. Audio CD ...Internal Work: Properly prepare the birth canal for a vaginal delivery without trauma or delay. Audio CD ...Birth Journey: Hear how-to use your Pink Kit skills in each of the 5 Phases of every contraction. Book #1 ...New Focus: Breath, Language and Touch: Learn all the breathing, communication and touch skills essential for moment-to-moment management of the birthing process. Book #2...Companion Guide: A written framework of the DVD. Book #3 ...Managing Skills: Learn teamwork skills as you move from pregnancy, birth and into parenting. Book #4 ...The Pink Kit: All your questions answered about the importance of being skilled at giving birth.


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