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A Baby for Grace
  • A Baby for Grace

  • Ian Whybrow and Christian Birmingham
  • In this moving and enlightening picture of h ow a young child reacts to the arrival of a new baby in the family, we see how Grace attempts to be helpful but is thwar ted in her attempts to gain approv...
A new baby is coming
  • A new baby is coming

  • Emily Menendez -Aponte
  • A new babies arrival is an occasion of joy, excitement and anticipation. Yet for a young child, it can be a cause for bewilderment, worrry and distress. The best way to help a child through this fa...
Baby on Board
  • Baby on Board

  • Kes Gray and Sarah Nayler
  • The primary focus of BABY ON BOARD is on ways you can care for your baby during the most vital time in a child's development the first few months.In this second edition of his successful book, lea...
Baby on the way
  • Baby on the way

  • W Sears, M Sears & C Watts Kelly
  • The picture-book branch of the acclaimed Sears Parenting Library makes its debut with these two informative and helpful books for young siblings-to-be. Baby on the Way speaks to every child expecting ...
Before You Were Born
  • Before You Were Born

  • Margaret Sheffield
  • This book answers simply and accurately, the questions any child may ask about that mysterious time of pregnancy. On one side of each double spread, a brief text explains one stage in the developing l...
Birthing River
  • Birthing River

  • Rachel Nixon
  • Rachel Nixon has been an Early Childhood Educator and is a mother who feels passionately about the natural beauty of birth as a family event. She has created this book, the story of her son's o...
DVD I Watched my Brother Being Born
  • DVD I Watched my Brother Being Born

  • Anne Vondruska & Katrina Vondruska
  • This story is about two siblings ages five and seven witnessing and helping out at the birth of their brother. It shows a gentle water birth that focuses on the children. ...
Happy Birth Day!
  • Happy Birth Day!

  • H Harris & Michael Emberley
  • An account of the early hours of a baby girl's life, from the moment she slides out into the midwife's hands and gives her first cry. The snipping of the cord, early cuddles, the first opening...
Hello Baby
  • Hello Baby

  • Jenni Overend
  • Jenny Overend and Julie Vivas celebrate the birth of a baby at home with warmth honesty and joy. ...
Hi New baby
  • Hi New baby

  • Robie H Harris
  • "In this reassuring, emotionally on-target book . . . a father recalls for his preschooler the many feelings she experienced when her new baby brother arrived and her world changed forever."...
How Was I Born?
  • How Was I Born?

  • Lennart Nilsson
  • Ever since the publication of the magnificent third edition of "A Child Is Born," Lennart Nilsson has devoted himself to retelling this magical story especially for children. "How Was I...
I'm a big sister
  • I'm a big sister

  • Joanne Cole
  • When there's a new baby in the house, an older sibling needs a little extra reassurance, and a little extra love. Here are some ways to help your older child adjust to her new role ... ...
Im a big brother
  • Im a big brother

  • Joanna Cole
  • When there's a new baby in the house, an older sibling needs a little extra reassurance, and a little extra love. Here are some ways to help your older child adjust to his new role ...
Its Potty Time
  • Its Potty Time

  • Priddy Books
  • The ideal introduction to help you explain exactly what a potty is for. Also shows how an older child will use the toilet A friendly, reassuring book to help your child master this new skill. ...
Love You Forever
  • Love You Forever

  • Robert Munsch
  • A young woman holds her newborn son and sings to him:I'll love you forever.I'll like you for always.As long as I'm livingMy baby you'll be.This is the story of how that little boy goes...
Made with Love, How Babies are Made
  • Made with Love, How Babies are Made

  • Kate Petty
  • In this informative and friendly picture book, children can find simple answers to questions about how they came to be born: How did I get into your tummy? How did the egg and sperm turn into me? What...
Mommys Lap
  • Mommys Lap

  • Malachi & Jill Chase
  • Mommy's Lap- A Story of Sibling Love is a story about a little boy who learns about the baby growing in mama's womb belly. He bonds with the child before birth and is present when the mommy de...
Mum and Me
  • Mum and Me

  • Jan Ormerod
  • This book contains four simple, beautifully observed studies of the special relationship between a mother and a young child. ...
My Boomerang Dad
  • My Boomerang Dad

  • Deanne Hislop
  • Magnificently illustrated and cleverly written “My Boomerang Dad” is the first in a series of entertaining books about fifo/working away life written through the eyes of Lilly and Bob- Two...
My Brother Juni Jazz
  • My Brother Juni Jazz

  • Chrissy Butler
  • Join Trinity on her journey of discovery and wonder as she and her family ready themselves and their home for the gentle homebirth of Juni Jazz Into a place of warth gentleness and laughter Juni Ja...
My New Baby
  • My New Baby

  • Rachel Fuller
  • Thers is so much to find out when a baby is born! What does it smell like and when will it walk? When will it sleep and what does it like to eat? A new addition to any family is exciting but the ex...
On the Wings of a Butterfly
  • On the Wings of a Butterfly

  • Marilyn Maple
  • Lisa, a young child dying of cancer, befriends a caterpillar preparing to transform into a butterfly as she goes through her own journey of change toward her death ...
Our Water Baby
  • Our Water Baby

  • Amy Maclean & Ian Nesbitt
  • The baby was going to be born in water, in a special pool in the kitchen........... This 32-page full colour book introduces waterbirth at home to the children of a pregnant woman, through the wond...
Play Gently, Alfie Bear!
  • Play Gently, Alfie Bear!

  • Cathering Walters
  • Alfie finds it hard to be gentle and forgets that the babies are only small. They don't like huge fish, soft catkins or even the sound of thunder. Alfie thinks the babies are boring. But then they...
Rosie's Babies
  • Rosie's Babies

  • Waddell M & Dale P
  • Rosie's mum has a new baby but Rosie has two of her own. To look at they seem to be toy animals but to her they are entirely real. They drive cars, like swings, rockets and dinosaurs but hate cust...
Runa's Birth: The day my sister was born
  • Runa's Birth: The day my sister was born

  • Uwe Spillman and Inga Kamieth
  • Mummy is having a baby. This is a very speciual day for four year old lisa. Her mother doesn't go to the hospital, but rather stays at home. Lisa enjoys a beautiful spring day together with Mummy,...
Sleepless Nights
  • Sleepless Nights

  • Neil Matterson
  • A selection of cartoons from the "Its a baby" series ...
Sophie and the New Baby
  • Sophie and the New Baby

  • Catherine and Lawrence Anholt
  • From the authors of Good Days Bad Days and The New Puppy comes this warm, reassuring picture book about the birth of a new baby and the effect this has on a young sibling. ...
The Miracle of Birth
  • The Miracle of Birth

  • Jenny Bryan
  • THE MIRACLE OF BIRTH: "Every 55 minutes 10,000 babies are born all over the world. Many hundreds are being born right now as you read this book! What is even more amazing is that every one of tho...
There's a House inside my Mummy
  • There's a House inside my Mummy

  • Andreae G & Cabban V
  • There's a house inside my mummy Where my little brother grows, or maybe it's my little sister No one really knows. A gentle and tender story of a little boy waiting for his new brother or sist...
Waiting for Baby
  • Waiting for Baby

  • Rachel Full
  • When you're small, waiting for anything can seem to take a lifetime, especially when it's a baby! There is so much to sort out for the new arrival - clothes, toys and a place to sleep. A new a...
We're having a homebirth
  • We're having a homebirth

  • Kellly Mochel
  • Children love this colorful, contemporary book about their family's special upcoming homebirth event. A great tool for discussion about what to expect when the baby arrives, this affordable boo...
What Baby needs
  • What Baby needs

  • Sears Childrens Library
  • When a family brings a new baby home, there are many changes. Older siblings may find it hard to understand the needs of the new baby, as well as the demands placed on mom and dad. Based on the attach...
Where Babies Come From
  • Where Babies Come From

  • Susan Green
  • This book allows children to trace the changes that occur from conception to birth. Written in simple, accurate language, the personal approach of the book enables the child to relate this process to ...
Where Did I Really Come From?
  • Where Did I Really Come From?

  • Narelle Wickham and Ingrid Urh
  • a book that explores Sexual intercourse, DI, IVF, pregnancy, birth, adoption and surrogacy ...
Why is Mummy's tummy so big?
  • Why is Mummy's tummy so big?

  • Mary Atkinson
  • Taking a child's-eye view of the facts of life, this guide answers questions such as, "Why do I have a belly button?", and "Why do babies cry so much?". It is part of series of...
Will There Be a Lap for Me?
  • Will There Be a Lap for Me?

  • Dorothy Corey
  • Kyle misses his time on Mother's lap while she is pregnant and is happy when the birth of his baby brother makes her lap available again ...