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24 hour cotside assistance
  • 24 hour cotside assistance

  • Centacare
  • Now that you are a proud father of a new baby, here are a few tips on getting the best performance out of your model ! ...
A Fathers Book of Listening
  • A Fathers Book of Listening

  • Mark Brady
  • "Listening is no small skill, and so this little book is no small matter. Everyone who wants better relationships and more productivity should read this . It's fun, easy to read  and spe...
A mans guide to raising kids
  • A mans guide to raising kids

  • Michael Grose
  • Being a father is the most important job a man can ever take on and it should be the most rewarding one too. A mans guide to raising kids shows all fathers how to be the best dad they can, how to make...
Becoming a Father
  • Becoming a Father

  • William Sears
  • This book, written especially for the often-neglected male half of the parenting team, is a father's guide to making wise investments in his children and family. In BECOMING A FATHER, author Dr...
Cheers to childbirth
  • Cheers to childbirth

  • Lucy Perry
  • Childbirth can be a daunting prospect for dads who are usually overlooked when it comes to birth preparation. Yet when it comes to the big day, they are expected to know exactly how to support their p...
Childbirth for Men
  • Childbirth for Men

  • Herbert Brant
  • Written with common sense and compassion, this book will be invaluable to all parents before, during, and after the birth of their child. Professor Brant, with realism based on long experience of both...
Dads, Toddlers and the Chicken Dance
  • Dads, Toddlers and the Chicken Dance

  • Peter Downey
  • A politically incorrect but indispensable compendium of everything Dad needs to know about raising a toddler, including: babysitting, nutrition, common illnesses, money, lawnmowers, television, bedtim...
Dont just stand there
  • Dont just stand there

  • Elissa Stein & John Lichtenstein
  • Don't Just Stand There delivers! Written by a husband and wife team, this guidebook outlines everything an expectant father needs to know to navigate the big day. Dads get clear direction on what ...
DVD Just for first time fathers
  • DVD Just for first time fathers

  • Common Knowledge Trust
  • In the 1970s, fathers to be were encouraged to be the birth support or birth coach during child birth. Now fathers to be are socially required to be the child birth coach. Has anyone taught you the...
DVD What about Fathers
  • DVD What about Fathers

  • Govt of South Aust
  • Fatherhood is one of lifes most significant experiences and each one of us has been affeted in some way by the role played by our father in our own life, but a fathers; place in today families differs...
Father's First Steps
  • Father's First Steps

  • Robert W Sears & James M Sears
  • In "Father's First Steps", pediatricians Robert and James Sears discuss 25 important aspects of new fatherhood, including supporting the mother during labor and beyond, bonding with baby...
Fatherhood Reclaimed
  • Fatherhood Reclaimed

  • Adrienne Burgess
  • Providing an exploration of modern fatherhood, this book is based on sociological, anthropological and historical research. It draws on interviews with a wide range of fathers as well as excerpts from...
Focus on Fathering
  • Focus on Fathering

  • Robin Sullivan
  • It becomes abundantly apparent in Focus on fathering that fathers have deep feelings for their children and desire to be good parents. From their research or experience as practitioners working with f...
Men At Birth
  • Men At Birth

  • Biddulph, Steve
  • Men at Birth contains over thirty stories written by men, for men about their birth experiences. Each story was specifically written for this book. The men writing the stories knew that their tale wou...
New fathers survival guide
  • New fathers survival guide

  • Martyn Cox
  • In the "New Father's Survival Guide", father of two Martyn Cox provides an informative yet amusing overview of what to expect both before and after baby arrives. Becoming a dad for the f...
Pregnant Fathers
  • Pregnant Fathers

  • Jack Heinowitz
  • From the first whisperings of pregnancy to the birth of your child, you have the opportunity to take a journey unlike any you have ever known - deep down and miles out into engaged fatherhood. The pas...
Preparing for Birth Fathers
  • Preparing for Birth Fathers

  • Andrea Robertson
  • Not intended to offer  complete coverage of the topic, since you and your circumstances are very individual - These books have been written as "background notes", and if you have any fu...
So You're Going to be a Dad
  • So You're Going to be a Dad

  • Peter Downey
  • "So You're Going to be a Dad" is a book that explodes the myths - a tough, uncompromising, no-holds-barred, no-beg-your-pardons look at fatherhood, from the sperm that started it all to ...
The Blokes guide to pregnancy
  • The Blokes guide to pregnancy

  • Jon Smith
  • This book takes a 'warts and all' sensible yet humorous look at the many stages of pregnancy. It explores the changes, physical and emotional, that any man can expect to see in his partner and...
The Dad Factor
  • The Dad Factor

  • Richard Fletcher
  • This stimulating book explores many facinating new understandings of the importance of the father in a child's development. Richard Fletcher, a pioneer researcher in the area of men's health a...
The Fanatic's guide to Dads
  • The Fanatic's guide to Dads

  • Roland Fiddy
  • Our best-ever selling cartoon paperbacks are back in print! We've taken our twenty fastest selling paperback cartoon books, given some of them new covers, and they're ready to sell for you all...
The Fathers book
  • The Fathers book

  • David Cohen
  • The Father's book is a mine of information you will re-read many times. It is a wise best friend who can advice on dicipline, how much time to spend with the kids, favouritism, their play, persona...
The fathers home birth handbook
  • The fathers home birth handbook

  • Leah Hazard
  • What do a Dutch university lecturer, a US Marine, a Scottish artist, and an English engineer have in common? They have all experienced the transformative power of home birth, and their stories - and m...
When She's Expecting
  • When She's Expecting

  • Frank Mungeam
  • Every day thousands of Australian men find that they are about to become fathers. This guide aims to help them understand the changes that happen to their partner as well as their relationship during ...