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Birth at Home
  • Birth at Home

  • David Miller
  • Nowadays more and more women are demanding greater control over the birthing process - and an increasing number of these women are choosing the home birth alternative. Birth at home is an account of h...
Birth at Home
  • Birth at Home

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • Does birth at home have a place in the world today? Sheila Kitzinger beleives that couples should be able to choose where they would like their baby to be born and that provision for home birth should...
CD Effective Home Birth
  • CD Effective Home Birth

  • Maggie Howell
  • Listen to track 2 three times a week leading up to every day in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. Track 3 can be listened to when you want a shorter 15 minute relax as well during the birth. The mini gui...
DVD Home Birth: The Spirit, The Science and the Mother
  • DVD Home Birth: The Spirit, The Science and the Mother

  • Diana Paul
  • In 80% of the world babies arrive naturally, peacefully, safely and at home In the United States, birth happens in a much more different way. It is more of a surgical procedure where powerful drugs an...
DVD Home Grown Babies
  • DVD Home Grown Babies

  • Bernadette Bos
  • Bernadette Bos is a  filmmaker and former midwife; she is also a mother to four children. For the last twenty years she has been making films about pregnancy and birth. Home Grown Babies follows ...
Home Birth
  • Home Birth

  • Nicky Wesson
  • A perfect balance of practical information, compelling personal stories and research evidence, "Home Birth" is essential reading for all couples considering the alternative to a hospital bir...
Home Birth Bound: Mending the Broken Weave
  • Home Birth Bound: Mending the Broken Weave

  • Maggie Banks
  • Maggie Banks is a home birth midwife whose most powerful tool is her trust and knowingness in women's ability to give birth. This book is Maggies' personal journey as she made the transition f...
Homebirth & other alternitives to hospital
  • Homebirth & other alternitives to hospital

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • More and more women are keen to explore their options for childbirth, and to choose the kind of birth that they feel is best for them and their babies. For many women, giving birth at home in their ow...
Homebirth Coming Out Naturally
  • Homebirth Coming Out Naturally

  • Renee Linda Hills
  • A valuable resource for any woman or couple seeking an alternative to hospital-based childbirth. The book is informative and well researched on a medical level. But perhaps its greatest impact lies in...
Homebirth in the hospital
  • Homebirth in the hospital

  • Stacey Marie Kerr
  • The personalized and empowering experience of a home birth can also occur in a hospital setting. This book presents fifteen powerful testimonies about this kind of emotionally satisfying birth. The st...
Responsible Homebirth
  • Responsible Homebirth

  • Ligtermoet H J & Ireland M
  • As medical attitudes towards homebirth are begining to soften a little bit, some of what is written here may come through as unneccarily harsh If it does, i apologise, but sometimes it is necessary...
Succesful home birth and midwifery
  • Succesful home birth and midwifery

  • Eva Abraham-Van der Mark
  • In most of the industrialized western world, the birth process has been almost completely removed from the domain of the woman and the family into the realm of technocratic specialists. To imagine tha...
Unity in Birth
  • Unity in Birth

  • Devereux L
  •  Unifying Birth - The title of this book was also the theme for a conference. As a group of organisers, we wanted to focus on the common thread of birth experience. We wondered if there were any ...
We're having a homebirth
  • We're having a homebirth

  • Kellly Mochel
  • Children love this colorful, contemporary book about their family's special upcoming homebirth event. A great tool for discussion about what to expect when the baby arrives, this affordable boo...