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A Baby Has Died
  • A Baby Has Died

  • Sands
  • This book will help parents to realise that they are not facing their sdaness alone. Many parents have walked the same path and understand and share their natural feeling of grief, frustration and emp...
A Kiss from an Angel
  • A Kiss from an Angel

  • Stacey & Gavin O'Brien
  • A kiss from an angel is an inspirational jopurney through greif and the loss of a child. Stacy and Gavin share with you the pain of losing their son Finn They walk you through the emotional turmoil...
Always your child
  • Always your child

  • SIDS
  • This volume provides guidance, support and wisdom for those who have lost a child. There is honest recognition of the greif and pain, and of the tragedy inherent in such a loss. The words of others ar...
Children grieve too
  • Children grieve too

  • Joy & Dr Marvin Johnson
  • This booklet will prove itself valuable over the next few days and months as you and your child(ren) begin the grieving process. Taking time to read and use the suggestions offered here may seem di...
Coping with Miscarriage
  • Coping with Miscarriage

  • Marge Overs
  • Miscarriage is painfully common - in fact, it is estimated that at least one in every five pregnancies will end this way. Yet all too often, the deep sense of loss it causes may go unrecognised by fri...
Counselling skills in everyday life
  • Counselling skills in everyday life

  • K & D Geldard
  • This book is essential reading for everyone interested in improving their communication and helping skills as well as those students taking introductory courses in counselling and counselling skills. ...
Empty cradle broken heart
  • Empty cradle broken heart

  • Deborah L. Davis
  • The heartache of miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death affects thousands of U.S. families every year. "Empty Cradle, Broken Heart" offers reassurance to parents who struggle with anger, g...
For those who live
  • For those who live

  • Kathy LaTour
  • For each of us there are moments, hours, or days that change our lives. These are turning points, moments that are crystallized and stored in a pocket of our memory to be re-played at either our will ...
Goodbye My Child
  • Goodbye My Child

  • Sara Rice Wheeler
  • A gentle guide for parents whose child has died by Sara Wheeler and Margaret Pike. A complete guide for newly bereaved parents. Talks about funeral planning, differences in losses, the five phases of ...
Journeys through Grief
  • Journeys through Grief

  • Tammie Thomson
  • As a bereaved parent, you are often alone. It is hard to make people understand just what you are going through and what you need from them. And as a support person, it is hard to know what to say,...
Karina has Down Syndrome
  • Karina has Down Syndrome

  • Cheryl Rogers/Gun Dolva
  • Reading this book provides an excellent insight into some of the difficulties faced in balancing the needs of a young child with down's syndrome with that of other members of the family. It also d...
Layla's Story A story of sex, love, loss and longing
  • Layla's Story A story of sex, love, loss and longing

  • Vanessa Gorman
  • READERS REVIEW Vanessa Gorman has done an extraordinary job of articulating the despair and grief of losing a child. Her use of language is lyrical;she takes you directly into her life and shares it ...
Loss of a baby
  • Loss of a baby

  • Margaret Nicol
  • When a baby dies, the grief felt by parents is often profound. But all too commonly, this pain goes unacknowledged, or is met with silence, or dismissed with platitudes. For the mother who has lost a ...
  • Miscarriage

  • SIDS
  • SIDS Western Australia is a community based organisation which provides immediate and ongoing support for those who have experienced the death of an infant (or infants) from conception through to the ...
Miscarriage the facts
  • Miscarriage the facts

  • Gillian Lachelin
  • Miscarriages are unfortunately very common and happen far more frequently than most people realize. The aim of this book is to give an understanding of the events of early pregnancy and of the factors...
Mother Care: Physical care and beyond after a baby dies
  • Mother Care: Physical care and beyond after a baby dies

  • Sherokee Ilse, Inez Anderson and Mary Funk
  • Mother care is a new resource to aid and empower bereaved mothers to take good care of themselves after their baby's death. The physical, emotional and spiritual components of healing are addresse...
Now That The Funeral Is Over
  • Now That The Funeral Is Over

  • Doris Zagdanski
  • Guide to grief and coping with the grieving process. Discusses various responses to personal bereavement and presents ideas for approaching and consoling a bereaved person. Includes references. Author...
Our stories of Miscarriage
  • Our stories of Miscarriage

  • Rachel Faldet/Karen Fitton
  • Approximately twenty percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Unlike other books that offer only technical information on miscarriage, this moving collection of stories, essays, and poems provid...
Pregnancy after loss
  • Pregnancy after loss

  • Jane Warland
  • Emma's death and Sarah's life become a gift of love and hope through this caring, sensible and informative book. It brings reassurance and addresses fears for those preparing or already pre...
Silent Birth
  • Silent Birth

  • Sharon N. Covington
  • Silent Birth' is intended for couples who have lost a baby at birth or whose child is born with a terminal birth defect. Sharon Covington is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist and lectur...
Spirit Child
  • Spirit Child

  • Isabella Kirton
  • Have you ever had an abortion or a miscarriage Are you contemplating an abortion Do you know anyone who has had one of these experiences If the answer is yes to any of these questions you ...
Stillborn: The Invisible Death
  • Stillborn: The Invisible Death

  • John De Frain
  • According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 33,000 babies are stillborn each year. For the parents who experience this traumatic event, and for familes, friends, and professionals, this bo...
Taking Control
  • Taking Control

  • Diana Plater
  • When journalist Diana Plater had two consecutive still births, she found that there was little material available to help her understand what went wrong or if there was anything she could do to avoid ...
Taming the Tiger Within
  • Taming the Tiger Within

  • Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh offers daily guidance for becoming free of the strong emotions that make us suffer the most. Everyone wants peace, but as anyone who has tried to find it knows, the biggest ...
Tender Miscarriage and Epiphany
  • Tender Miscarriage and Epiphany

  • Paula Saffire
  • Especially helpful for women who are suffering through the trauma of miscarriage, or who care for someone who is. A gentle, emotional, personal story. ...
The Healing Choice
  • The Healing Choice

  • Candace De Puy/Dana Dovitch
  • Los Angeles based psychotherapists DePuy and Dovitch provide much-needed guidance for those dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder after abortion--an emotional wound often felt years afterward. Ri...
The Midwife and the Bereaved Family
  • The Midwife and the Bereaved Family

  • Jane Warland
  • A dead baby is a very real happening for some women and midwives. This death may occur in early, middle or late pregnancy, at birth or in the postnatal period. Miscarriage, abortion and stillbirth are...
This Little While
  • This Little While

  • Joy and Dr S M Johnson
  • For parents experiencing the death of a very small infant. Encourages parents to see, hold. name and photograph their baby. We share the importance of grief, and saying goodbye. Includes: relationship...
Trying Again
  • Trying Again

  • Ann Douglas/ John R.Sussman
  • Trying Again lessens the uncertainties about pregnancy after miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss by providing the facts to help you determine if you and your partner are emotionally ready for anot...
We were gonna have a baby, but We had an angel instead
  • We were gonna have a baby, but We had an angel instead

  • Pat Schwiebert
  • Even as you grieve because the death of your baby, you will also need to help your other children confront and manage their own grief over the loss of a sibling. Reading this book with your other chil...
When a baby dies
  • When a baby dies

  • Nancy Kohner & Alix Henley
  • Every year in the UK over 10,000 babies die before birth or shortly afterwards. For the parents, the grief is hard to bear. In this book, parents who have lost a baby tell their stories. They speak ab...
When a meeting is also a farewell
  • When a meeting is also a farewell

  • Ingela Radestad
  • The book aims to break the isolation of bereavement, by using personal interviews, letters and poems to explore the different ways in which parents experience and express their grief. Midwives share t...