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501 activities for kids
  • 501 activities for kids

  • Di Hodges
  • If you feel your kids are using the remote more than their imagination, here are 501 fun, creative and educational ways to keep them entertained, no matter what the season, or time of day Child act...
A Difficult Decision
  • A Difficult Decision

  • Joy Gardner
  • The purpose of this book is to give support to the woman (or couple) who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant. For most women, this is a profound crisis If you are pregnant, and if you feel ambilive...
A little Book of Listening Skills
  • A little Book of Listening Skills

  • Mark Brady &Jennifer Austin Leigh
  • Listening is no small skill, and so this little book is no small matter. Everyone who wants better relationships should read this. It is fun, easy to read and speaks to the heart of the matter. &nb...
Alternatives to Adoption
  • Alternatives to Adoption

  • A.I.M.S.
  • In today's society, very few Western Australian mothers place their children up for adoption. Prior to July 1973 when there was no supporting parents benefits for single women, little or no counce...
Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives
  • Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives

  • Wenda Trevathan
  • How has bipedalism impacted human childbirth? Do PMS and postpartum depression have specific, maybe even beneficial, functions? These are only two of the many questions that specialists in evolutionar...
Baby food watch
  • Baby food watch

  • Drew Smith
  • Following the success of "Food Watch", Drew Smith now turns his attention to informing mothers-to-be, new mothers and parents of toddlers on the nutritional content of what they're reall...
Baby Love
  • Baby Love

  • Rebecca Walker
  • After a lifetime of ambivilence and uncertainty about the role of motherhood in a womans life, Rebecca Walker, hailed by time magazine as one of the most influential American leaders under forty, deci...
  • Birth

  • Tina Cassidy
  • What is the best way to give birth? Find out in this wonderfully readable, encyclopedic history of Birth. It fills a large gap in the market and will appeal to all men and women who are starting a fam...
Birth Balls
  • Birth Balls

  • Paulina G. Perez
  • Birth Balls: The Use of Physical Therapy Balls in Maternity Care is the first book on the subject and contains the history of the ball and safety tips. The ball can be used in pregnancy and is ideal i...
Blessingways A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers
  • Blessingways A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers

  • Shari Maser,CCE
  • SUPERANNO A blueprint for woman-to-woman support of expectant and new mothers, this innovative guide to planning a personalized "mother shower" features imaginative invitation ideas, unique ...
CD Butterfly
  • CD Butterfly

  • Jeff Clarkson
  • Jeff Clarkson posesses a special gift for creating music which is not only beautiful to listen to , but also has a unique and powerful healing quality which has profoundly  affected the lives of ...
CD Earth Mysteries
  • CD Earth Mysteries

  • Karamadoo
  • The music of the first 8 pieces invites you into a journey with the sound of the didgeridoo. It takes you on a path through the 4 elemnets and the 7 directions. ...
CD Harmonious Mother, Harmonious Baby
  • CD Harmonious Mother, Harmonious Baby

  • Celebrates the joys, dispels the fears and fills you with a strong sense of purpose. A collection of song, music, dialogue and relaxation to support issues most meaningful and relevant to a new mother...
CD Karma Lounge
  • CD Karma Lounge

  • Various Artists
  • This CD collects exclusive mixes from trance mecca Karma Lounge. ...
CD Maiden,Mother,Muse
  • CD Maiden,Mother,Muse

  • Tonina MacKenzie
  • Tonina is a mother of seven, singer, musician, songwriter and pagan residing in Perth WA ...
CD Memories and dreams 3
  • CD Memories and dreams 3

  • Guido Negraszus
  • Memories and dreams III emphasizes and documents a passion for melodic, thoughtful and uplifting tunes. ...
CD Sirocco
  • CD Sirocco

  • Dougal Kelly
  • The breath of time has the Sirocco blend of instruments and sounds and features the beautiful bamboo flute of Chai Chang Ning, one of China's foremost flautist and the distinctive sound of Charlie...
CD Soundbirth sing your baby to you
  • CD Soundbirth sing your baby to you

  • Nicole
  • Natalie Lloyd B(Mus) is the soundbirth founder, coach and educator. Coming from a musical background and having a passion for the therapeutic effects of music she discovered how sound could be used as...
Communing with the spirit of your unborn child
  • Communing with the spirit of your unborn child

  • Dawson Church
  • Communing With the Spirit of Your Unborn Child is a gorgeous gift book for parents-to-be. With a handsome interior layout, and adorned with many beautiful photos and illustrations, it is a visually ap...
DVD Getting to Know You
  • DVD Getting to Know You

  • North Beaches Child and Family Health Services
  • Current research has shown how critical early social interaction is for a childs developing brain. In the hurly-burly of parenthood, it can be difficult to recognise your baby's earliest commun...
DVD Keys to living together - Then we were three
  • DVD Keys to living together - Then we were three

  • Australian Government
  • Going from a couple to a family with a child is one of the most exciting and important times in your relationship. It is impossible to ignore the fact that your lives are about to be transformed forev...
Eating Expectantly
  • Eating Expectantly

  • Bridget Swinney
  • Rated one of the "ten best parenting books of 1993" by "Child" magazine, "Eating Expectantly" (newly revised and in its third edition) is the most comprehensive and up-to...
Evidence based medicine
  • Evidence based medicine

  • Ivar S Kristiansen & Gavin Mooney
  • Evidence based medicine is defined as the conscientious explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients. This superb collection takes a cr...
Expecting Adam
  • Expecting Adam

  • Martha Beck
  • Expecting Adam is the beautifully written, poignant, achingly funny true story of John and Martha Beck, and of the extraordinary child they brought into the world. John and Martha were an exceptionall...
Five good minutes with the one you love
  • Five good minutes with the one you love

  • Jeffrey Brantley & Wendy Millstine
  • When you first fall in love, every moment you spend with that special someone feels like a lifetime. Even a glance and a smile can seem to last for hours. But as time goes by, let's face it, relat...
Frost Bytes
  • Frost Bytes

  • Pene Greet and Gina Price
  • This book has all the ingredients of a great adventure story - action, danger, romance, humour and tragedy. It also offers a twist to the traditional tale: the two heroes are women who have already bl...
Handbook for the heart
  • Handbook for the heart

  • Richard Carlson & Benjamin Shield
  • Love has become the holy grail of our time. People want more of it, suffer from the lack of it, and search for it for all of their lives. This book dwells on this quest for love and provides the skill...
Labor Day
  • Labor Day

  • Ann - Marie Giglio
  • Give birth to a child and you give birth to a story. Stories of drama, humor, sweat, accomplishment, and, ultimately, of a joy. Each is unique, each worth the telling and hearing - especially for moth...
Loving - Poetry and Art
  • Loving - Poetry and Art

  • Charles Sullivan
  • This collection of the world's most inspired love poetry has illustrations form different eras and parts of the world. ...
Mamatoto - A celebration of Birth
  • Mamatoto - A celebration of Birth

  • Body Shop
  • Combining the birth customs of over 50 indigenous cultures with those of western practice, this traces the process from conception to caring for a newborn child. Also included is information about mas...
Pursuing the Birth Machine
  • Pursuing the Birth Machine

  • Marsden Wagner
  • This book is a milestone in contemporary bibliography on childbirth. It clearly presents the "medical model" with all the modern technology versus the "social model" in which empha...
Star Babies: Astrology for babies and their parents
  • Star Babies: Astrology for babies and their parents

  • Helen Hope
  • Want to know what baby Leo has in store for you? Need to find out how to settle a restless Virgo child? Internationally renowned astrologer HelenHope provides the answers in Star Babies. Not only does...
The Birth House
  • The Birth House

  • Ami McKay
  • An arresting portrait of the struggles that women faced for control of their own bodies. The birth house is the story of Dora Rare - The first daughter in five generations of Rares. As apprentice t...
The Everything Green Baby Book
  • The Everything Green Baby Book

  • Jenn Savedge
  • This book offers easy, healthy, and affordable choices for you, your baby - and the planet! Going green is as good for your baby as it is for Mother Earth. But how can parents know all they need to do...
The Gift of a Child
  • The Gift of a Child

  • Marion Stroud
  • The Gift of a Child shows positively how difficulties can be overcome through love, prayer, forgiveness acceptance, communication and mutual support. Its striking blend of thoughtful writing and beaut...
The Paradox of Natural Mothering
  • The Paradox of Natural Mothering

  • Chris Bobel
  • The paradox of natural mothering is a well written, insightful and in depth exploration of natural mothering, which is characterized by extensive mothe/child contact, breast feedign and natural health...
The red tent
  • The red tent

  • Anita Diamant
  • A "New York Times "Bestseller A decade after the publication of this hugely popular international bestseller, Picador releases the tenth anniversary edition of "The Red Tent." Her ...
The Scientification of Love
  • The Scientification of Love

  • Michel Odent
  • Why do all cultures ritually disrupt the first contact between mother and new-born baby? Why has there hitherto been an evolutionary advantage in developing human potential for aggression rather than ...
The Tentative Pregnancy
  • The Tentative Pregnancy

  • Barbara Katz Rothman
  • More and more women are having children when they are over thirty and amniocentesis, primarily used as a test for Downs Syndrome, is becoming a routine part of prenatal care. In this groundbreaking...