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25 Ways to Joy & Inner peace for Mothers
  • 25 Ways to Joy & Inner peace for Mothers

  • Danette Watson
  • This book and CD set is designed to empower and renew mothers, especially new mothers. It is an interactive experience written in the form of a breathing exercise, visualisation, affirmation and medit...
A Mother's Instincts
  • A Mother's Instincts

  • Cassandra Eason
  • Mother of five Cassandra Easton relates the amazing experiences of women accross the world who, acting on a sixth sense, have averted disasters and been present when most needed. These incidents have ...
A mothers Choice
  • A mothers Choice

  • Meier & Burnett
  • A Mothers choice - A powerful pro family statement, firmly challenges mothers and fathers to responsible parenting - a God-given task increasingly threatened by employment outside the home by both par...
After The Baby's Birth?A Woman's Way To Wellness
  • After The Baby's Birth?A Woman's Way To Wellness

  • Robin Lim
  • The first few weeks and months after a baby's birth can be a wonderful and confusing time. While trying to discover the best ways to care for her child, new (and experienced) mothers often neglect...
An Endless Afternoon
  • An Endless Afternoon

  • Heath M & Leach S
  • An Endless afternoon is a collection of pieces sent to us by over seventy men and women with their memories of parenting. Reality comes through in every story and image; the problems and trauma are se...
Asian Mothers, Western Birth
  • Asian Mothers, Western Birth

  • Pranee Liamputtong Rice
  • This book is about pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing experiences of Asian women living in an English-speaking country. Whether they arrive as migrants or as refugees, they bring with them a wealt...
Becoming a mother
  • Becoming a mother

  • Margaret Gibson
  • Becoming a mother is, for most women , a joyeous event. But pregnany and birth are also times of great uncertainty. Many women seek the secret formula for perfect motherhood - and fell guilty when the...
  • Breeder

  • Ariel Gore and Bee Lavender
  • In this ground-breaking anthology, Ariel Gore and Bee Lavender ask real moms from Web site designers to tattoo-clad waitresses to laugh, cry, scream, and shout about motherhood. Allison Crews fights t...
Buddhism for Mothers
  • Buddhism for Mothers

  • Sarah Napthali
  • Become a calmer and happier mother with Buddhism for Mothers. 'This is an excellent, practical guide to everyday Buddhism not just for mothers, but for everyone who has ever had a mother. ' Vi...
Buddhism for mothers with lingering questions
  • Buddhism for mothers with lingering questions

  • Sarah Napthali
  • Now the mother of a toddler and a primary school-aged child, Sarah Napthali is continuing onto the next stage of the parenting journey. Writing from personal experience, and weaving in stories from ot...
Calm Mother, Calm Child
  • Calm Mother, Calm Child

  • Paul Wilson
  • Paul Wilson, dubbed "the guru of calm" by the London Times, spent three years doing research and interviews with mothers of young children. He learned that high-strung mothers have high-stru...
Chicken soup for the expectant mothers soul
  • Chicken soup for the expectant mothers soul

  • J Canfield, M V Hansen, P Aubrey, N Mitchell
  • Every year, millions of women wait with anticipation as they watch their test strip change from white to pink, thus beginning the awesome adventure of becoming a mother. This latest "Chicken Soup...
Children who communicate before they are born
  • Children who communicate before they are born

  • Bauer Hoffmeister Goerge
  • It is not rare for expectant mothers to have a deep connection with their unborn child. Through experiences they may know something of the childs appearance, its character or its life path - even thou...
Coming To Terms
  • Coming To Terms

  • Roberta Israeloff
  • Coming to Terms is a book that will strike a chord in the heart of every woman who is pregnant, who already has a child, or who is still dreaming of it. Unlike all other books, which tell you what to ...
DVD Mothers Touch Nurturing Touch for birth
  • DVD Mothers Touch Nurturing Touch for birth

  • This comprehensive DVD guides viewrs in the essentials of supportive touch during labor and concludes with a moving homebirth. Part 1 offers information about benefits, self care for the touch comp...
From Here To Maternity: Becoming a Mother
  • From Here To Maternity: Becoming a Mother

  • Ann Oakley
  • What is it really like having a baby? We know what the experts think it should be like, but this book allows ordinary women to describe the real experience. Using the tape-recorded words of sixty wome...
Introduction to motherhood
  • Introduction to motherhood

  • Grantly Dick-Read
  • This book tells in the simplest possible language what every woman ought to know when she is expecting a baby. She will learn from it what to look for, when to see the doctor, what happens when she is...
Life After Birth
  • Life After Birth

  • Figes K & Zimmerman J
  • A candid take on motherhood explores the often concealed negative physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of motherhood, from changes in metabolism and diminished sexual energy to lingering phy...
Making Babies, Stumbling into Motherhood
  • Making Babies, Stumbling into Motherhood

  • Anne Enright
  • Anne Enright, one of Ireland's most remarkable writers, has just had two babies: a girl and a boy. Her new book, "Making Babies", is the intimate, engaging, and very funny record of the ...
Making More Milk - The breastfeeding Mothers guide
  • Making More Milk - The breastfeeding Mothers guide

  • Diana West
  • Concerned about making enough milk for your baby? Wondering how to make more? Two lactation experts are here to help. Separate fact from fiction with help from this comprehensive book about improving ...
Maternal Thinking
  • Maternal Thinking

  • Sara Ruddick
  • A New York Times Notable Book of the Year 1989 Philosopher, mother, and feminist Sara Ruddick examines the discipline of mothering, showing for the first time how the day-to-day work of raising childr...
Mother and Baby
  • Mother and Baby

  • Margaret Geddes
  • Being a mother isn't easy. Babies do cry, breastfeeding can be hard work, sleep is disrupted and advice will conflict. How are you, the new mother, to cope with it all? Written in a warm, down ...
Mothering With Soul
  • Mothering With Soul

  • Joan Salter
  • Women share their experiences of what mothering means to them. This 'career of the heart' can be seen as a soulful and spiritual activity, not just a practical job. Mothering with soul brings ...
Mothers and Midwives
  • Mothers and Midwives

  • Janet Issacs Ashford
  • In a traditional birth the mother is in an upright posture, usually assisted by other women. She is active and capable and her innate ability to give birth is respected. Birth is regarded as a normal ...
Mothers and midwives: The ethical journer
  • Mothers and midwives: The ethical journer

  • Faye E Thomson
  • This U.K. book is written by Faye Thompson, who has thirty years experience as a midwife and educator. She studied philosophy and the humanities as an undergraduate in Australia, and now lectures on h...
Mothers and Sons
  • Mothers and Sons

  • Babette Smith
  • Based on frank and revealing interviews with mothers and sons of all ages, Babette Smith's ground breaking book tells the truth about this crucial relationship. She probes behind the myths and the...
Mothers behaving badly
  • Mothers behaving badly

  • Maggie Groff
  • "I wrote this book for Miranda. One minute Ms Miranda was a Gucci-shod executive, chairing meetings and firing the non-compliant, and the next, Whoosh, Miranda's brain came out with the place...
Nourishing newborn mothers
  • Nourishing newborn mothers

  • Julia Jones
  • Congratulations! You are embarking on a great journey with a new soul. As a newborn mother your heart is wide open, you are sensitive, you are brand new. You are being invited to re-invent yourself be...
Older Mothers: Conception, pregnancy and birth after 35
  • Older Mothers: Conception, pregnancy and birth after 35

  • Berryman J, Thorpe K & Windridge K
  • The biological clock is of concern to all women over 35 who want to combine careers and motherhood. Finally, for these women, their families, and the health professionals who care for them, there is a...
Ourselves as mothers
  • Ourselves as mothers

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • "To be a mother is to take on one of the most emotionally and intellectually demanding, exasperating, strenuous, anxiety-arousing and deeply satisfying tasks that any human being can undertake.&q...
Preparing for Birth : Mothers
  • Preparing for Birth : Mothers

  • Andrea Robertson
  • This book has been written as a simple, concise guide to pregnancy, birth and the new baby. It has been designed to serve as background notes for the information provided in pre-natal classes and as a...
The Birth of a Mother
  • The Birth of a Mother

  • Stern D & N Bruschweiler-Stern
  • As you prepare to become a mother, you face an experience unlike any other in your life. Having a baby will redirect your preferences and pleasures and, most likely, will realign some of your values...
The Heartache of Motherhood
  • The Heartache of Motherhood

  • Joyce Nicholson
  • This book is a deeply personal account of her feelings about being a mother; her honesty is extraordinary and very moving, her conclusions startling. "The problem is that no one prepares you f...
The Mask of Motherhood
  • The Mask of Motherhood

  • Susan Maushart
  • When a mother becomes a mother, her relationships, her professional identity and her sense of self will never be the same again. The fact is, the presence does not simply add to the lives of their par...
The Nursing Mothers companion
  • The Nursing Mothers companion

  • Kathleen Huggins
  • Breastfeeding is natural, but it is not entirely instinctive for either mothers or babies. The Nursing Mother's Companion has been among the best-selling books on breastfeeding for 25 years, and i...
The Nursing Mothers Herbal
  • The Nursing Mothers Herbal

  • Humphrey S
  • Many women take St.John's wort for post-partum depression, but is it safe for their nursing infants? Whcih herbs can a new mother take to increase or inhibit milk production? Are there natural rem...
The woman who gave birth to her mother
  • The woman who gave birth to her mother

  • Kim Chernin
  • The woman who gave birth to her mother.... advances into an unexplored emotional territory that is created by a daughter's ability to rework or even shatter what is habitual and limiting between m...