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100 Ways to calm the Crying
  • 100 Ways to calm the Crying

  • Pinky McKay
  • 100 Ways to Calm the Crying addresses the reasons babies cry, from developmental changes that may make them more sensitive, to painful conditions such as colic and reflux. Along the way, Pinky MacKay ...
350+ Free Activities for toddlers
  • 350+ Free Activities for toddlers

  • Trish Kuffner
  • This book contains more activities to entertain and educate toddlers than a professional clown could conjure. Using things found around the home, it show parents, extended family and other care provid...
365 Baby care
  • 365 Baby care

  • Penny Warner
  • This may be the quickest and easiest way to obtain indispensable baby care information. In addition to authoritative tips based on the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, y...
A Little Book of parenting Skills
  • A Little Book of parenting Skills

  • Mark Brady
  • A Little Book of Parenting Skills: 52 vital practices to help with the most important job on the planet. This book draws on current research in the fields of developmental psychology, cognitive neuros...
A mothers Choice
  • A mothers Choice

  • Meier & Burnett
  • A Mothers choice - A powerful pro family statement, firmly challenges mothers and fathers to responsible parenting - a God-given task increasingly threatened by employment outside the home by both par...
Attachment Parenting
  • Attachment Parenting

  • Katie A Granju
  • Popularized by bestselling pediatrician Dr. William Sears, "attachment parenting" encourages mothers and fathers to fully accept their babies' dependency needs. According to the growing ...
Australian baby hands
  • Australian baby hands

  • Jackie Durnin
  • The gift of communication between parentsand their babies is one of lifes true joys. With this exciting book Australian baby hands, the process of communicating with your baby could happen sooner than...
Australian baby hands - FLASH CARDS
  • Australian baby hands - FLASH CARDS

  • Jackie Durnin
  • Australian baby hands flash cards are designed to introduce pre - verbal children to Australian Baby Sign Language. The use of simple sign language can help babies communicate what they want and need ...
Australian Childhood - An anthology
  • Australian Childhood - An anthology

  • Gwyneth M Factor
  • This book celebrates the wide range of writing about childhood in Australia. With knowledge, sensitivity and an eye for significant detail, the editors have brought together scraps from unpublished me...
  • Babies!

  • Dr Christopher Green
  • This is a practical, commonsense, up-to-date guide to the everyday concerns of parents facing the first year of their baby's life. Dr Christopher Green's style of lighthearted yet authoritativ...
Baby & Child: From Birth to age 5
  • Baby & Child: From Birth to age 5

  • Penelope Leach
  • Penelope Leach’s much-loved, trusted, and comprehensive classic—an international best seller for twenty-five years, with nearly two million copies sold in America alone—encompasses t...
Baby and Child Care Handbook
  • Baby and Child Care Handbook

  • Marina Petropulos
  • This Baby and Child Care Handbook gives the kind of sensible, practical advice that Australian parents need in bringing up their children today. It covers the entire experience: from planning for the ...
Baby bliss
  • Baby bliss

  • Jo Ryan
  • Jo Ryan - paediatric nurse, nanny extraordinaire and considered by nmany as 'the Baby Whisperer' - has spent her life reassuring and empowering new and stressed-out parents and soothing their ...
Baby Bowl
  • Baby Bowl

  • Kim McCosker
  • Baby Bowl walks you through the basics of baby food preparation, and the storage, defrosting and preparing of frozen food, as well as the sometimes daunting task of helping the food find its way into ...
Baby Games
  • Baby Games

  • Elaine Martin
  • Playing with your baby creates special bonds of love, communication, and caring that will last a lifetime. As your child grows from infant to toddler to preschooler, Baby Games supplies rhymes, songs,...
Baby Hearts
  • Baby Hearts

  • Linda Acredolo & Susan Goodwyn
  • Who says your baby can't "talk" about his or her feelings? In fact, babies' actions often speak louder than words! Understanding those actions-and responding appropriately to them-is...
Baby led weaning
  • Baby led weaning

  • G. Rapley & T Murkett
  • Baby led weaning explodes the myth that babies need to be spoon-fed and shows why self-feeding from the start of the weaning process is the healthiest way for your child to develop. Baby-led weanin...
Baby Led Weaning Cookbook
  • Baby Led Weaning Cookbook

  • Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett
  • Packed full of simple and delicious recipes to share with the whole family Baby led weaning is a common-sense, easy and enjoyable approach to introducing your baby to solid foods, allowing him to j...
Baby Love
  • Baby Love

  • Robin Barker
  • In response to overwhelming feedback from her readers, Robin Barker has updated her best-selling Australian classic. This edition of Baby Love is fully revised and includes new material on breastfeedi...
Baby Massage
  • Baby Massage

  • Peter Walker
  • Being massaged makes babies relax and cope better with stress, improves their muscular coordination and flexibility and helps them straighten tightly flexed hands and legs. And who better to teach par...
Baby Massage soothing strokes for healthy growth
  • Baby Massage soothing strokes for healthy growth

  • Bill Milne
  • As studies show and parents can attest, baby massage can encourage bonding between parents and children, soothe fussiness, and even encourage growth. The benefits of baby massage are by now well known...
Baby massage- The calming power of touch
  • Baby massage- The calming power of touch

  • A Heath & N Bainbridge
  • "Baby Massage" offers parents and caretakers safe and easy-to-learn massage techniques that reinforce bonding and all-around wellbeing. Step-by-step pictures show simple methods to soothe fr...
Baby on board
  • Baby on board

  • Dr Howard Chilton
  • Dr Howard Chilton presents the latest international medical information on the fundamentals of baby-care. He offers clear advice on how to care for a young baby in the first weeks, the early months an...
Baby touch
  • Baby touch

  • Wendy Kavanagh
  • Research shows that babies who are massaged are more alert, gain weight faster and sleep more soundly while reflexology promotes relaxation and can help relieve discomforts such as colic. Massage can ...
baby WA
  • baby WA

  • Kirsten Watts
  • The complete West Australian guide to caring for your baby ...
Babycare for Beginners
  • Babycare for Beginners

  • Dr. Frances Williams
  • From burping to tooth cleaning, cutting nails to taking a baby's temperature, this fun, user-friendly book coaches novices through 30 of the most common tasks they'll have to face during the f...
  • Babyhood

  • Paul Reiser
  • I'm going to be totally honest. This is not the kind of book that can help you. It's not a "how-to, " a "when-to, " or a "what-to-expect." Let's compare: Thos...
Beyond Toddlerdom
  • Beyond Toddlerdom

  • Dr C Green
  • Beyond Toddlerdom Tips offers instant, practical and commonsense tips for parents on the go in need of calm and wise advice on parenting the 5-12 age group. Written in his usual humorous, practical an...
Build Your Teenager's Self Esteem
  • Build Your Teenager's Self Esteem

  • Barton S & Ingram K
  • Self-esteem is one of the most poweful of lifes tools. It is the key to surviving triumphantly the hurdles that face us. The higher a young person's self-esteem, the more likely they are to make c...
Bully Busting
  • Bully Busting

  • Evelyn M. Field
  • Designed for parents to use with their children to overcome the effects of teasing and bullying and to develop understanding and skills that can be used for life, this guide is based on a six-step mod...
CD Baby Sleep
  • CD Baby Sleep

  • Susan McRae
  • "Conclusive studies have clearly demonstrated that music is an integral ingredient to the mental development of infants. Music enhances cognitive and deductive skills and enriches the mind" ...
Child Care & development
  • Child Care & development

  • Pamela Minett
  • A broad outline of each subject is presented in a simple and straightforward manner. Technical terms are explained or an everyday alternative given. The authors aim to give a balanced view on controve...
Colic solved
  • Colic solved

  • Bryan Vartabedian
  • For generations, doctors have been diagnosing babies with colic, offering little comfort and few solutions to worried, weary parents. But recent medical advances made through cutting-edge technology n...
Comforting your Crying Baby
  • Comforting your Crying Baby

  • Sandy Jones
  • Few challenges are greater for new parents than dealing with their babies cries. When the crying wont stop, despite rocking, bouncing, feeding and burping, parents experience helpless agony and frustr...
Cooking For Your Baby
  • Cooking For Your Baby

  • Loraine Toms
  • Prepoaring your own baby food is far simpler and more economical than you might think! In this new edition of her classic bestseller, Laraine Toms shows busy parents that there is a healthy alternativ...
Coping with crying and colic
  • Coping with crying and colic

  • Siobhan Mulholland
  • From the leading publishers of parenting books comes a brand new series of beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow guides covering all the essential phases of childcare. When babies cry too much pa...
Creative Play for your baby
  • Creative Play for your baby

  • C Clouder & J Nicol
  • The world-renowned philosophy underpinning Steiner Waldorf education and care aims to help children grow up naturally, creatively and holistically in mind, body and spirit. This approach is ideal for ...
Dear Parent : caring for infants with respect
  • Dear Parent : caring for infants with respect

  • Magda Gerber
  • Internationally renowned infant specialist Magda Gerber, M.A., the founder of RIE, offers a healthy new approach to infant care based on a profound respect for each baby's individual needs and abi...
Diaper Free
  • Diaper Free

  • Ingrid Bauer
  • Most new parents think of diapers as a smelly, expensive and unavoidable necessity. The good news is that it is possible even practical to raise your children with significantly fewer or even zero dia...
Diary of a baby
  • Diary of a baby

  • Daniel N Stern.M.D.
  • Every new parent desperately wants to know what goes on in the mind of a baby. Now a noted authority on infant development and psychiatry brings us closer than ever before to penetrating a your child&...
Dunstan Baby Language
  • Dunstan Baby Language

  • Dunstan
  • Every baby is born with the ability to express their basic need through sound. Eight years of research has foound that this is a language shared by all babies throughout the world. A simple language t...
DVD A baby in the family
  • DVD A baby in the family

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Your first baby can turn your life upsidedown! Sleepless nights, a house that isnt always organised and tidy, and often a change in the way you refer to your partner. The overwhelming sense of love...
DVD Babies
  • DVD Babies

  • Directed by Thomas Balmes
  • Thsi DVD simultaneously follows four babies around the world - from birth to first steps. The children are, respectively, in order of on-screen introduction, Ponijao, who lives with her family near Op...
DVD Building Brains
  • DVD Building Brains

  • Ngala
  • This education package consists of three power point presentations - Each has a facilitators workbook providing notes for delivering the session and points for discussion. These workbooks can be print...
DVD Characteristics of the Newborn
  • DVD Characteristics of the Newborn

  • Women & Childrens hospital
  • Most parents are worried or concerned about some aspect of their baby's physical appearance or habits. This programme sets out to explain the common characteristics of the newborn and demonstra...
DVD Discovering Baby-Led Weaning
  • DVD Discovering Baby-Led Weaning

  • Gill Rapley MSc
  • Baby Led Weaning (BLW) uses babies' naturally-developing skills and curiosity. It allows them to make a gentle, safe transition to family food at their own pace, learning as they go. Forget purees...
DVD Dunstan Baby Language
  • DVD Dunstan Baby Language

  • Announced on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2006, this remarkable discovery - a universal language of babies - has helped parents of every nationality and language the world over. By learning the Dunstan S...
DVD Keys to living together - Instant Families
  • DVD Keys to living together - Instant Families

  • Australian Government
  • Creating a new relationship and with it a new family is an exciting and important time, that can often also be very complicated. On this DVD you will find information to help you develop a set of tool...
DVD Massage practice for infants
  • DVD Massage practice for infants

  • Michelle Kluck
  • For a baby, touch is one of the most essential elements of healthy physical and psychological development. Combining touch with play and caregiving is a nurturing way to interact and bond with your ne...
DVD Nappy Free
  • DVD Nappy Free

  • Moore Pictures
  • Elimination communication, Natural infant hygeine, Toilet training, Early toilet training, Infant potty hygeine..... Call it what you will, you and your Babe can be Nappy Free! ...
DVD Potty Whispering
  • DVD Potty Whispering

  • An informational DVD covering all aspects of infant pottying including how it works, how to get started, techniques and tactics, professional opinions, resources and helpful hints from established pot...
DVD The happiest baby on the block
  • DVD The happiest baby on the block

  • Harvey Karp
  • Child development expert and noted paediatrician Harvey Karp demonstrates the technique of the 'calming reflex', the secret trick to getting babies to stop crying. ...
DVD The how to guide to bringing home your baby
  • DVD The how to guide to bringing home your baby

  • Mum to mum
  • This mum to mum educational DVD "Bringing home your baby" is a twenty minute 'how to guide' designed to complement parenting classes and encourage question time and class discussion....
DVD There's a baby
  • DVD There's a baby

  • Penny Simpkin
  • Theres a baby coming in Maia's family. This eleven minute film shows Maias joy and excitement as she learns about what the baby can do before birth, she sees her baby sister, Neve, born (with tast...
DVD What Babies Want
  • DVD What Babies Want

  • Debby Takikawa
  • Thsi innovative film is about the profoundly important and sacred opportunity we have in bringing children into the world. Surprising and sometimes shocking, it challenges our beliefs about what infan...
Easy toilet training
  • Easy toilet training

  • Janet Hall
  • EASY TOILET TRAINING gives step by step procedures for effective toilet training with maximum ease and fun. It provides a trouble shooting section which incldes coping with power struggles, physical p...
Emotionally intelligent parenting
  • Emotionally intelligent parenting

  • M. Elias S. Tobias & B. S. Friedlander
  • Have you, as a parent, ever found yourself treating your children in a way you would never tolerate from someone else? The authors of Emotionally Intelligent Parenting call for a new Golden Rule: Do u...
Entertaining and educating your preschool child
  • Entertaining and educating your preschool child

  • Usborne
  • Anyone who spends time with babies and small children will find this book invaluable. It is packed with hundreds of play ideas for adults and children to share. The ideas are all quick and easy to pre...
Everyday Blessing The inner work of mindful parenting
  • Everyday Blessing The inner work of mindful parenting

  • Myla & Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn's national bestseller Wherever You Go, There You Are (400,000 sold) introduced the nation to mindfulness, the simple and powerful meditative practice of cultivating moment-to-moment...
Feeding: The Simple Solution
  • Feeding: The Simple Solution

  • Hollyer B & Smith L
  • CAn you combine breast and bottle? When does your baby need solid foods? How are attitudes to food created? Why do some children refuse to eat? The answers lie in this practical and straightforward...
Finding your way with your baby
  • Finding your way with your baby

  • Dilys Daws & Alexandra de Rementeria
  • Finding Your Way with Your Baby explores the emotional experience of the baby in the first year, and that of the mother, father and other significant adults. It does so in a way that is deeply informe...
From Baby to Child
  • From Baby to Child

  • L & Oberklaid F Kaminsky
  • Written by Australian experts for Australian parents.This book has three easy to use sections ranging from the practical and everyday information to looking after your childs health. It lists an A-Z o...
From milk to more
  • From milk to more

  • ACT health
  • Starting to eat solid food is an important milestone in your baby's life. This booklet will help you with practical, easy to follow information about introducing solid food to your baby and then p...
Games to Play with Babies
  • Games to Play with Babies

  • Silberg, Jackie
  • Over 240 fun-filled games include lots of hugs and kisses to help babies bond with their caregivers and parents as they develop necessary skills. Babies experience the interaction and nurturing they n...
George and Sam
  • George and Sam

  • Charlotte Moore
  • Charlotte Moore has three children: the two oldest, George and Sam, are autistic; the youngest Jake is not. In this extraordinary book, which combines personal memoir with the most recent known inform...
Get Used To It
  • Get Used To It

  • Hauschild M & Rosier P
  • This collection of illustrated interviews with people who grew up with a lesbian or gay parent is a first of its kind. To the sixteen people in this book there is no mystery or contradiction about the...
  • Grandparenthood

  • Dr Ruth K Westheimer
  • The first guide to grandparenting that offers a parent's perspective as well - an important consideration in achieving a balanced and harmonious relationship between generations. The book will mak...
Helping Young Children Flourish
  • Helping Young Children Flourish

  • Aletha J Solter PH D
  • Helping Young Children Flourish is a revolutionary book for parents of children from two to eight years of age. Now translated into several languages, it continues the same approach described in the a...
Helping your baby to sleep
  • Helping your baby to sleep

  • Anni Gethin and Beth Macgregor
  • New parents are confronted with many questions when a baby enters their lives. For many, one of the most challenging is: how should I help my baby settle and sleep?HELPING YOUR BABY TO SLEEP offers pa...
Holistic Parenting
  • Holistic Parenting

  • Sneyd L
  • The definitive guide to holistic health for children * Explores the meaning of a holistic lifestyle and shows how mind, body, and spirit are Integral to children's healing * Discusses herbal medic...
How Do We Tell the Kids?
  • How Do We Tell the Kids?

  • Pinky McKay
  • Every parent, and anyone who is in contact with children, will eventually be faced with a difficult (and often embarassing) question from a child,  How do we tell the kids? will provide you with ...
How to introduce your dog to your baby
  • How to introduce your dog to your baby

  • Kathy Kopellis McLeod
  • The presence of a new baby in the home may upset some dogs, so preparing your pet for the arrival of another family member is vital. With education, preparation and dedication, you can radically im...
How to raise an amazing child
  • How to raise an amazing child

  • Tim Seldin
  • The president of The Montessori Foundation offers an inspirational handbook designed to help parents enhance a child's physical and intellectual growth from birth to six years of age, furnishing i...
How to stay sane in your baby's first year
  • How to stay sane in your baby's first year

  • Fowler C & Gornall P
  • An essential book for anyone facing the important first year of their baby's life. First published more than ten years ago, the bestselling HOW TO STAY SANE IN YOUR BABY'S FIRST YEAR has been ...
  • I'm three years old

  • Jerri Wolfe
  • "I'm Three Years Old": From coping with baby-sitters to sibling rivalries to learning how to use words, this situation-by-situation parenting handbook will help grown-ups communicate wit...
Is there sex after childbirth
  • Is there sex after childbirth

  • Juliet Rix
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood have an enormous effect on most couples relationship and sexuality. More than half of couples take over a year to get their sex lives back to 'normal' afte...
Kids are worth it!
  • Kids are worth it!

  • Barbara Coloroso
  • Kids are worth it! has a powerful message for parents about the most difficult challenge  in parenting: Discipline. The key to good parenting is treating childrent with respect; giving them a sen...
Kids loving for life
  • Kids loving for life

  • Barbara Holborows
  • To drive a car, you need to pass a test, If you fail at work you get fired. What is the most important thing you will do in your life? and what is the thing you need no licence for? Having Children ...
Lets Play and Learn together
  • Lets Play and Learn together

  • Cohen Leiderman
  • Its playtime! Lets play and learn together opens a world of fun and learning for you and your young child with more than 375 games, activities, tips, ideas  and songs you can enjoy together In...
Life on Planet Mom
  • Life on Planet Mom

  • Lisa T. Bergen
  • Motherhood changes a woman. And it affects her relationships with everyone. Moms need solid connections they can trust and relationships that are growing in order to feel nurtured and loved. But in th...
Living with stepfamilies
  • Living with stepfamilies

  • Family and childrens services
  • This magazine provides information about stepfamilies and has ideas on ways to get more out of being a parent in a stepfamily. ...
Magical Child
  • Magical Child

  • Joseph C Pearce
  • Magical Child, a classic work, profoundly questioned the current thinking on childbirth pratices, parenting, and educating our children. Now its daring ideas about how Western society is damaging our ...
Mind Workout For Gifted Kids
  • Mind Workout For Gifted Kids

  • Robert Allen
  • Book 1 Learn what it is  like to be gifted and talented Make the most of your childs abilities Find out about all teh options available Book 2 Over 60 puzzles to test Gene...
Mommies, Daddies, Donors,Surrogates
  • Mommies, Daddies, Donors,Surrogates

  • Diane Ehrensaft
  • If you need help having a baby, reproductive technology can supply the answer. But it also raises a host of questions that won’t arise until after the child is born: What will you say to “...
More Secrets Of Happy Children
  • More Secrets Of Happy Children

  • Steve Biddulph
  • More Secrets of raising happy children tackles the important concerns of parents in the nineties, with inspirational ideas and clues for day to day living with children. A family therapist, educator a...
Mothering Heights
  • Mothering Heights

  • Sonia Taitz
  • Uses humorous anecdotes to urge mothers to give up their quests toward perfection in order to enjoy their lives--which it claims is the greatest legacy mothers can leave to their children Sonia Tai...
Mothers behaving badly
  • Mothers behaving badly

  • Maggie Groff
  • "I wrote this book for Miranda. One minute Ms Miranda was a Gucci-shod executive, chairing meetings and firing the non-compliant, and the next, Whoosh, Miranda's brain came out with the place...
Natural Family Living. The Mothering
  • Natural Family Living. The Mothering

  • Peggy O'Mara, Jane McConnell
  • For more than two decades, Mothering Magazine has been the source for sound alternatives to mainstream parenting. Now Peggy O'Mara, editor and publisher of Mothering Magazine, brings her knowledge...
Natural Health For Children
  • Natural Health For Children

  • Lynda Brewin
  • A practical and comprehensive guide to treating children the natural way, Natural Health for Children deals with almost 100 conditions and childhood illnesses and their symptoms and treatments. It als...
Nighttime Parenting
  • Nighttime Parenting

  • William Sears
  • Parenting is a job that goes on twenty-four hours a day. Nighttime Parenting helps parents understand why babies sleep differently than adults, offers solutions to nighttime problems, and even describ...
On Becoming Baby Wise
  • On Becoming Baby Wise

  • G.Ezzo R.Bucknam
  • Every parent who has welcomed a new child into the world understands the desire and struggle: to have a happy and contented baby who sleeps continually through the night, and a mother who is not in a ...
Parenting by heart
  • Parenting by heart

  • Pinky McKay
  • Stand up for yourself against the pressure to be a perfect parent (as well as partner and lover) Whether you are making birth plans, looking at child-rearing practices or healthcare, choosing a school...
Parenting from the Inside Out
  • Parenting from the Inside Out

  • Daniel J. Siegel /Mary Hartzell
  • How many parents have found themselves thinking: I can't believe I just said to my child the very thing my parents used to say to me! Am I just destined to repeat the mistakes of my parents? In Pa...
Parenting Girls
  • Parenting Girls

  • Irwin J, de Vries S, Wilson S
  • From nappies to hormone havoc, body piercing to boyfriends, your little girl is bound to make your life a challenge. Babies development and toddler tantrums Sibling rivalry and helping a bulli...
Parenting Plus
  • Parenting Plus

  • Peggy Finston
  • This book embraces the emotions, frustrations, and perplexities that parents and relatives of all handicapped or chronically ill children face each day. The author, a practicing psychiatrist, shares h...
Parents Are People Too
  • Parents Are People Too

  • Elizabeth Garvan
  • This book offers practical advice to parents trying to develop and maintain a loving relationship with their children. The author draws on commonsense and her own insights and experience in dealing wi...
Post Birth Mirth
  • Post Birth Mirth

  • Hazel J Bradley
  • "No one told me it would be like this" is a common cry from first-time mums. Well, now  someone has. These cartoons capture what you can truly expect from baby's first year If your ...
Pre parenting ( Nurturing your child from conception)
  • Pre parenting ( Nurturing your child from conception)

  • Thomas R Verny
  • How does a mother's tone of voice affect her unborn child? What kind of music, if any, should a child be exposed to in the womb? Can parents influence the predispositions of their child to traits ...
Raising a happy child
  • Raising a happy child

  • Steve and Shaaron Bidulph
  • "A mix of Billy Connolly and Dr Spock...Steve Biddulph is a phenomenon." - "The Times". Forget advice on nappies, feeding and flu jabs: this funny, inspiring book goes to the heart...
Raising your spirited child
  • Raising your spirited child

  • Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
  • The spirited child - often called "difficult" or "strong willed" - posseses traits we value in adults yet find challenging in children. Research shows that spirited children are wi...
Real Food for mother and baby
  • Real Food for mother and baby

  • Nina Planck
  • Nina Planck, one of the great food activists, changed the way we view old-fashioned foods like butter with her groundbreaking Real Food. T hen she got pregnant. Never one to accept conventional wisdom...
Save Our Sleep
  • Save Our Sleep

  • Tizzie Hall
  • With real-life case studies, answers to common queations and brilliant tips, Save our sleep is the must-have book for all parents, particularly those who dream of an uninterrupted nights sleep. Thi...
Secrets of good eaters
  • Secrets of good eaters

  • Ngala
  • Thsi booklet highlights some of the key aspects of nutrition for children aged 0 to 3 years. Use it as a guide only, because your child is an individual and your family and cultural background will al...
SENSE-ational Mealtimes
  • SENSE-ational Mealtimes

  • G Griffiths & D Stapleton
  • This book helps parents explore tricky mealtime behaviour, fussy/picky eaters and feeding difficulties with children of all ages. SENSE-ational mealtimes will help create mealtime harmony as you ...
Sign with your baby
  • Sign with your baby

  • Dr Joseph Garcia
  • Using Joseph Garcia's method, babies can tell you such things as " I'm hungry" " I'm thirsty" or " I have an earache many months before they can speak. Every paren...
Sign with your baby complete book dvd and chart
  • Sign with your baby complete book dvd and chart

  • sign2me early learning
  • Trusted by more than 1,000,000 parents, medical professionals, teachers, childcare professionals . . . and babies . . . worldwide! This Complete Learning Kit provides beginners with THE easiest way to...
Single Parents
  • Single Parents

  • Sarah Edwards
  • The numbers of single parent families are on the increase; children in the UK are three times more likely to live in one-parent households than they were in the 1970s. This is a book for anyone bringi...
Sleeping like a baby
  • Sleeping like a baby

  • Pinky McKay
  • Are you obsessed about your baby's sleep? Do you feel 'weak' because you cant bear to leave him to cry himslef to sleep? Do you need to relax more and enjoy being a parent? Parenting ex...
Sleeping with Your Baby
  • Sleeping with Your Baby

  • James J. McKenna
  • Sleeping With Your Baby: A Parent's Guide is your guide to understanding how to make nighttimes with your baby safe, fun and relaxing! Written by James McKenna, the world's authority on co-sle...
So Glad We Waited!
  • So Glad We Waited!

  • Lois Nachamie
  • Whether you're merely days or decades past the tender age of thirty-five, whether you adopted your child, were "assisted" by doctors, or were simply considered high risk, you're part...
Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems
  • Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems

  • Dr Richard Ferber
  • Dr Richard Ferber shows you practical ways of ensuring restful nights for both children and parents. Drawing on six years of first-hand research, Dr Ferber tells you exactly what to do if your child r...
Special Parent, Special Child
  • Special Parent, Special Child

  • Tom Sullivan
  • In Special Parent, Special Child, Tom Sullivan writes the moving and educational stories of parents who struggle daily to make a difference in the lives of their disabled children. From more than two ...
Tantrums and Temper
  • Tantrums and Temper

  • Dr John Pearse
  • Even the happiest child becomes angry sometimes. It is perfectly normal, though that may be hard to believe when your "terrible two-year-old" is throwing a tantrum in the supermarket! It ...
Tears and tantrums
  • Tears and tantrums

  • A.J. Solter
  • Tears and Tantrums describes a new way of responding to crying and raging in children from birth to age eight. This respectful and revolutionary approach has many benefits, including: helping babies s...
The A.D.D. book
  • The A.D.D. book

  • W Sears & L Thompson
  • One of America's most trusted pediatricians outlines an effective, drug-free approach to treating children with Attention Deficit Disorder. Your child with A.D.D. can flourish-without drug therapy...
The attachment parenting book
  • The attachment parenting book

  • W & M Sears
  • Attachment parenting is a highly intuitive, high-touch style of parenting that encourages a strong early attachment, and advocates consistent parental responsiveness to babies' dependency needs. R...
The Australian Baby & Child Care handbook
  • The Australian Baby & Child Care handbook

  • Carol Fallows
  • Carol Fallows believes that the first five years of a child's life are the most exciting and fulfilling ones parents will ever experience. She also believes they are the most exhausting and challe...
The Aware Baby
  • The Aware Baby

  • Aletha J Solter
  • The Aware Baby marks a major breakthrough in our understanding of babies' needs from conception to 2-1/2 years of age. Now translated into several languages, it has contributed to a revolution in ...
The baby book
  • The baby book

  • Sears & Sears
  • "The Baby Book" covers every aspect of infant care - from newborn bonding to toliet training. William Sears, M.D., and Martha Sears, R.N., pediatric specialists and parents of eight children...
The baby love guide to crying
  • The baby love guide to crying

  • Robin Baker
  • All babies cry - it is an essential part of their survival. The baby love guide to crying aims to help you understand baby crying and normal patterns of crying as well as giving suggestions to help he...
The Baby signing Book
  • The Baby signing Book

  • Sara Bingham
  • Babies can learn to sign before they can speak, and sign language gives them a way to express their wants and needs, easing their frustration. It allows parents to know what their babies are thinking,...
The baby sleep book
  • The baby sleep book

  • W Sears, M Sears, R Sears, & J Sears,
  • America's favorite pediatric experts turn their attention to solving babies' sleep problems in a definitive book that offers immediate results. A comprehensive, reassuring, solution-filled sle...
The Choice Guide to Baby Products
  • The Choice Guide to Baby Products

  • Australian Consumers' Association
  • When you go shopping for a aby, how do you know what is safe or not? Do you rely on the advice of a salesperson? a friend? family? Do you buy the dearest item hoping it is the best, or do you get the ...
The complete sleep guide
  • The complete sleep guide

  • Gina Ford
  • Sleep, or rather the lack of it, is the issue of paramount concern to the overwhelming majority of new parents. Getting enough sleep is vital for the health of a growing baby or toddler, and the sanit...
The contented baby with toddler book
  • The contented baby with toddler book

  • Gina Ford
  • The prospect of bringing a new baby home when you already have a toddler can be extremely daunting. Life with a newborn baby is tiring and challenging enough but with a demanding elder brother or sist...
The Continuum Concept
  • The Continuum Concept

  • Jean Liedloff
  • Jean Liedloff, an American writer, spent two and a half years in the South American jungle living with Stone Age Indians. The experience demolished her Western preconceptions of how we should live and...
The Diaper Free Baby
  • The Diaper Free Baby

  • Christine Gross-Loh
  • Imagine infants free from painful diaper rash, new parenthood without thousands of dollars wasted in diapering costs, toilet training that is natural and noncoercive, and, most important, happier babi...
The Enneagram of Parenting
  • The Enneagram of Parenting

  • Wagele E
  • Elizabeth Wagele, coauthor of "The Enneagram Made Easy" and "Are You My Type, Am I Yours?," offers the first practical guidebook for parents -- packed with her delightful cartoons ...
The Family Bed
  • The Family Bed

  • Thevenin T
  • The sharing of the family bed by parents and their children is no modern notion. From cave to castle, all over the world, group sleeping was accepted as the norm. It has only been within the last 150 ...
The Family nutrition book
  • The Family nutrition book

  • Sears
  • In the wise and accessible tone that has made them America's most popular childcare experts, the authors address all of parents' concerns about their children's nutritional needs, from bir...
The Family Patterns Workbook
  • The Family Patterns Workbook

  • Foster C
  • Explores the functional and dysfunctional patterns within family relationships, and enables readers to discover and rely on their individuality ...
The Fussy baby book
  • The Fussy baby book

  • W & M Sears
  • Does your baby fuss, cry and want to be held all the time? Do you have a young child who is stubborn, opinionated, demanding - a real handful? Take heart, Americas favourite childcare authorities have...
The good behaviour book
  • The good behaviour book

  • W & M Sears
  • Paediatric experts Dr William and Martha Seares explain clearly what you can do to shape your childs behaviour so that politeness and good conduct come naturally. The Seares offer their trademark prac...
The Good, The Bad and the Inevitable
  • The Good, The Bad and the Inevitable

  • Barbara Holborow
  • A compelling, inspiring and moving collection of Barbara Holborow's stories of hope, loss and apathy from behind the Bench as Children's Magistrate.In this inspiring, moving and often funny co...
The Hamlyn Encyclopedia of Child health
  • The Hamlyn Encyclopedia of Child health

  • Prisca Midllemiss
  • The Hamlyn encyclopedia of child health - The definitive guide to orthodox and complementarty treatments for infants, children and teenagers, with more than 280 colour photographs and illustrations ...
The happiest baby on the block
  • The happiest baby on the block

  • Harvey Karp
  • In perhaps the most important parenting book of the decade, Dr. Harvey Karp reveals an extraordinary treasure sought by parents for centuries—an automatic “off-switch” for their baby...
The Incarnating Child
  • The Incarnating Child

  • Joan Salter`
  • The mystery of conception, pregnancy and birth evoke wonder, even in today's fast paced technical world.yThe Incarnating Childyrespects that, 'Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting.' J...
The Indigo Children
  • The Indigo Children

  • Lee Carroll & Jan Tober
  • Is your child misunderstood? Does your child seem different? IS your child uniquely gifted? You may have an indigo child....... Indigo children display particular character traits, qualities and wa...
The mighty toddler
  • The mighty toddler

  • Robin Barker
  • Robin Barker takes parents beyond the first twelve months into the toddler years of one, two and three. The mighty toddler is the most comprehensive guide available to Australina parents covering the ...
The Modern day mother
  • The Modern day mother

  • Andi Lew
  • Discover how you can parent naturally and gently without crying methods. Conflicting advice, information and critisism can make a new parent feel inadequate and overwhelmed. Certified infant massag...
The nappybag book
  • The nappybag book

  • Australian resource guide
  • The Nappy Book is an extremely resourceful guide packed full of amazing information, ideas, places to visit (very helpful with toddlers in the house) and all the humorous bits are great for the pick m...
The Natural Baby
  • The Natural Baby

  • Janet Balaskas
  • The natural baby reveals how vital you are to your child's development. In this remarkable book, Janet Balaskas shows you how to care for your baby the natural way and introduce the concept of &qu...
The New Contented little baby book
  • The New Contented little baby book

  • Gina Ford
  • The Contented Little Baby Book, based on Gina Ford's personal experience of caring for over 300 babies, was first published in 1999. It quickly established Gina as an influential new authority on ...
The No-Cry Sleep Solution
  • The No-Cry Sleep Solution

  • Elizabeth Pantley
  • Elizabeth Pantley gets dozens of e-mails daily about her bestselling sleep book, "The No-Cry Sleep Solution". "No-Cry Sleep" covered babies up to age two, but many of the parents a...
The organic baby book
  • The organic baby book

  • Tanyia Maxted - Frost
  • The organic baby book is a popular guide to the benefits of an organic and GM-free wholefood diet for conceiving and raising a healthy child. It reviews the organic products now available for your bab...
The portable Pediatrician
  • The portable Pediatrician

  • W Sears, M Sears, R Sears, J Sears & P Sears,
  • Dr Sears makes house calls! Whether you are up in the middle of the night with a sick child or looking for sound preventitive advice, The Portable Pediatrician provides the answers you seek. Distingui...
The premature baby book
  • The premature baby book

  • W Sears, M Sears, R Sears, J Sears & P Sears,
  • If your baby is born prematurely, it is natural to feel special concern. In the first few weeks after your baby's birth, you may grapple not only with complex medical decisions but also with the n...
The science of parenting
  • The science of parenting

  • Margot Sunderland
  • For parents who wonder whether controlled crying is best or if constant cuddling is better, here is a clear explanation of the science of parenting styles and their effects on children's brain dev...
The Second baby Survival Guide
  • The Second baby Survival Guide

  • Naia Edwards
  • In this brillaint new book Naia Edwards offers reassuring words on juggling life with two - from the moment you find out you are pregnant again to the arrival of the new baby and the subsequent few ye...
The Secret of Happy Children
  • The Secret of Happy Children

  • Steve Biddulph
  • The Secret of happy children teaches parent-child communication in a way that gives you the heart to be more yourself - More positive and loving, stronger and more sure of yourself. You will find your...
The single parent's handbook
  • The single parent's handbook

  • Rachel Morris
  • Are you a single parent? Do you have a lot of demands to juggle? If so, this handbook, packed full of practical advice about the necessities and tips on how to make the most of your own and your famil...
The Social Baby
  • The Social Baby

  • Lynne Murray and Liz Andrews
  • Every baby is a unique individual from the moment of birth, with their own likes and dislikes, strengths and sensitivities. One baby might find it hard to settle to sleep another may fall asleep easil...
The successful child
  • The successful child

  • W & M Sears
  • In this book, the Searses bring the reason and common sense of their philosophy of parenting to the hurdles of raising the older child. Attachment parenting is not just for babies; as children grow, t...
The Tao for babies
  • The Tao for babies

  • Claire Nielson
  • With their instinctive grasp of the principles of Lao Tzu's ancient text, babies everywhere will find the wisdom contained in this new interpretation a revelation and confirmation of their own wor...
The wonder weeks
  • The wonder weeks

  • Hetty Van De Rijt
  • The Wonder Weeks describes in easy-to-understand terms the incredible developmental changes and regression periods that all babies go through during the first 20 months of their lives. Age-related ...
Three In A Bed
  • Three In A Bed

  • Deborah Jackson
  • Three in a bed is a classic childcare manual for parents seeking an alternative to broken nights. This new edition includes exciting new evidence, vividly describing the many ways in which babies and ...
Time In
  • Time In

  • Jean Illsley Clarke
  • Time-in: When time-outs don't work is for every parent who has ever felt frustrated, helpless, angry, or scared when traditional parenting tools dont work. Noted parent educator Jean Illsley Clark...
To be delighted in
  • To be delighted in

  • Neil Alcorn
  • Hi Mum and Dad Did you know that I can smell you from 6 metres away? My brain is the most complex natural or artificail thing known? I can respond to you at a speed of almost 1/12 of a se...
Toddler Tactics How to make magic from mayhem
  • Toddler Tactics How to make magic from mayhem

  • Pinky McKay
  • Do you automatically cut toast into fingers? Appreciate finger painting as fine art? Hear 'no' a million times a day If the answer is yes, then Toddler Tactics is for you. Being the parent ...
Toddler taming
  • Toddler taming

  • Christopher Green
  • Todays parents need advice more than ever - they are increasingly time-poor, yet under pressure to succeed both at work and at home. With his trademark humour and commonsense, Dr Green demystifies chi...
Welcome Home!
  • Welcome Home!

  • Dr Christopher Green
  • WELCOME HOME! has been put together by the Commonwealth Bank as a service for the new mums and dads of Australia. Its aim is to help new parents cope throughout the tiring time of their babies first y...
Welcoming Your second baby
  • Welcoming Your second baby

  • Vicki Lansky
  • The thought of having a second child is often overwhelming to parents. With her trade mark humor and practical advice, well known parenting author, Vicki Lansky guides parents through the major transi...
What every parent needs to know
  • What every parent needs to know

  • Margot Sunderland
  • "Explains the science without losing sight of the realities of raising a child." - "Mother and Baby". It's time to re-write the rule book on raising a child. Based on over 7...
What to expect in the first year
  • What to expect in the first year

  • Heidi Murkoff & Sharon Mazel
  • Some things about babies, happily, will never change. They still arrive warm, cuddly, soft, and smelling impossibly sweet. But how moms and dads care for their brand-new bundles of baby joy has change...
What To Expect The First Year
  • What To Expect The First Year

  • Eisenberg
  • America's bestselling guide to caring for a baby is now better than ever: announcing a two-years-in-the-making, cover-to-cover, line-by-line revision and update of the 6.9-million-copy What to Exp...
What to Expect, the toddler years
  • What to Expect, the toddler years

  • Eisenberg,Murkoff,Hathaway
  • Overflowing with intelligence and good common sense, this comprehensive guide provides clear explanations and useful guidelines on everything a parent might want to know about the second and third yea...
What to Tell the Kids About Your Divorce
  • What to Tell the Kids About Your Divorce

  • Weyburne D
  • Parental divorce threatens a child's most basic sense of trust and security, and can have long-term effects on a child's relationships with themselves and others. But how do you tell your chil...
Why love matters
  • Why love matters

  • Sue Gerhardt
  • Why Love Matters explains why love is essential to brain development in the early years of life, particularly to the development of our social and emotional brain systems, and presents the startling d...
Work & Home finding the balance
  • Work & Home finding the balance

  • Teresa Wilson
  • How do we balance the demands of work and home? What form of childcare should I use? Is working and continuing to breastfeed a realistic option? Once I'm back at work, how do I deal with changed p...
Your amazing Newborn
  • Your amazing Newborn

  • Marshall H Klaus
  • Your Amazing Newborn celebrates a baby's extraordinary abilities in the first hours and days of life. Marshall and Phyllis Klaus take parents and all those who care for new families into this fres...
Your baby is speaking to you
  • Your baby is speaking to you

  • Dr Kevin Nugent
  • From an international expert on infant-parent communication, Your Baby Is Speaking To You is destined to become a parenting classic. Through intimate access to babies and their families, Dr. Kevin Nug...
Your baby's first year
  • Your baby's first year

  • Steven P Shelov
  • THE ONE GUIDE MOST PEDIATRICIANS RECOMMEND From the American Academy of Pediatrics--the nation's most trusted name in child care--Your Baby's First Year is the definitive all-in-one guide to c...
Your baby's first year, month by month
  • Your baby's first year, month by month

  • Alison Mackonochie
  • What to expect at every stage of development. How to plan effectively and cope with any situation. How to help your baby to grow strongly, develop quickly and progress smoothly through these fir...
Your childs growing mind
  • Your childs growing mind

  • Jane M Healy
  • The classic guide to understanding children s mental development is now updated and better than ever! Hailed by parents and educators, "Your Child s Growing Mind" is a window into the fascin...
Your feeding questions answered
  • Your feeding questions answered

  • Annabel Karmel
  • This is the only Q&A recipe book to tackle all your feeding challenges from Annabel Karmel. Bestselling author and children's food expert, Annabel Karmel, supplies all the answers to feeding y...
Your Self-confident baby
  • Your Self-confident baby

  • Magda Gerber
  • At long last -- Magda Gerber's wisdom and spice captured in a book --what a treasure! Now parents and caregivers everywhere can benefit from learning what it means to truly respect babies." -...
Your Social Baby
  • Your Social Baby

  • Lyn Murray & Liz Andrews
  • This is the Australian edition of a ground-breaking international release. The authors take us through a remarkable journey that is the early months of an infant's life. The baby's sensitiviti...