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101 Essential tips Childbirth
  • 101 Essential tips Childbirth

  • Elizabeth Fenwick
  • Know-how in a nutshell. Each 101 Essential Tips features comprehensive coverage, full-color images on every page, and straightforward, practical information. Every point can be absorbed quickly and...
A Child Is Born
  • A Child Is Born

  • Lennart Nilsson
  • the classic work on the miracle of human reproduction contains nearly four hundred historic photographs--using new ultrasound techniques and fiber optic images--of life before birth, accompanied by a ...
A Gentle Welcome The leboyer Method of Childbirth
  • A Gentle Welcome The leboyer Method of Childbirth

  • Leboyer
  • In recent years there has beena growing awareness that childbirth has become more like a surgical operation than the profound human experience that it is meant to be. The Leboyer method of Birth Wo...
A Good birth, A Safe Birth
  • A Good birth, A Safe Birth

  • Diana Korte and Roberta M.Scaer
  • Based on a survey of two thousand women and responses from readers of the first and second editions, this complete and accurate guide enables women and their partners to take control of the childbirth...
A labour of love
  • A labour of love

  • Gabrielle Targett
  • This book presents information in an empowering, confident, open and honest way. It is written from the eclectic experiences of Gabrielle Targett who has worked as a doula and independent childbirth e...
A labour of love 2
  • A labour of love 2

  • Gabrielle Targett
  • Endorsed and recommended by leading childbirth experts throughout the world, A Labour of Love II: Empowering through Knowledge to Create the Birth You Want and Desire is a book that expands on the ori...
A Season To Be Born
  • A Season To Be Born

  • Suzanne Arms
  • The author describes in pictures and brief narrative her feelings during and reactions to her pregnancy from the days following conception through the first months after the birth of her daughter ...
Active Birth
  • Active Birth

  • Janet Balaskas
  • Recommends squatting, sitting, and kneeling postions for childbirth, explains the advantages of this approach, and demonstrates helpful stretching exercises. ...
Alternative Therapies for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Alternative Therapies for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Pat Thomas
  • For many women pregnacy is a journey that should be experienced as fully as possible. Hollistic healthcare in pregnancy and birth puts the mother-to-be exactly where she should be - at the centre of h...
Am I Allowed?
  • Am I Allowed?

  • Beech B
  • AM I ALLOWED? Yes Yes YES ! A guide to parents rights in maternity care.   ...
Anak Alami
  • Anak Alami

  • Oleh Ibu Robin Lim
  • "Pada saat melahirkan, jika seorang ibu bisa meminta pada malaikat untuk menganugerahkan berkah yang paling berguna, berkah itu adalah rasa ingin tahu"       ...
Asi Esklusif Dong
  • Asi Esklusif Dong

  • Buku Untuk Para ayah Oleh Ibu Robin Lim
  • Menyusui adalah...... yang terbaik untuk bayi yang terbaik untuk Ibu yang terbaik untuk masyarakat yang terbaik untuk lingkungan yang terbaik untuk Keuangan keluarga ......... dan yang terba...
Asian Mothers, Western Birth
  • Asian Mothers, Western Birth

  • Pranee Liamputtong Rice
  • This book is about pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing experiences of Asian women living in an English-speaking country. Whether they arrive as migrants or as refugees, they bring with them a wealt...
Baby catcher
  • Baby catcher

  • Peggy Vincent
  • Each time she knelt to "catch" another wriggling baby -- nearly three thousand times during her remarkable career -- California midwife Peggy Vincent paid homage to the moment when pain bows...
Beating the Biological Clock
  • Beating the Biological Clock

  • Pamela Armstrong
  • Covering everything from pre-conceptual care, to the issue of pre-natal diagnostic testing, this book looks at why more and more women are delaying having their children and explores the new world in ...
Better Birth: The Definitive Guide to Childbirth
  • Better Birth: The Definitive Guide to Childbirth

  • Newman L & Hancock H
  • Explains how you can go about preparing for a better birth. Written by two experienced midwives, it doesn't promise a magical remedy, and doesn't treat all birth options and women as if they a...
Better Late than never
  • Better Late than never

  • Serena Kirby
  • The number of Australian women having a baby later in life has tripled in the past 30 years and births to women over 40 have doubled in the past decade. Later life mothers are also the fastest growing...
Birth and breastfeeding
  • Birth and breastfeeding

  • Michel Odent
  • Expectant parents, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, those involved in public health and all those interested in the future of humanity will find this a provocative and visionary book ...
Birth by Design
  • Birth by Design

  • Raymond Devries
  • This collection brings together the leading research in maternity care from the United States, Canada and Europe to discuss systems of care for pregnancy and childbirth. The essays focus on the practi...
Birth Conceiving,Nurturing and giving birth to your baby
  • Birth Conceiving,Nurturing and giving birth to your baby

  • Catherine Price & Sandra Robinson
  • Birth: conceiving, nurturing and giving birth to your baby is reader-friendly, reassuring, unbaised and accessible to a wide readership. It presents medical treatments and natural therapies, the many ...
Birth Crisis
  • Birth Crisis

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • When a woman is denied all choice - feels as if she has been swallowed up by a vast machine and spat out at the other end with a baby - how can she come to terms with that ordeal? One new mother in tw...
Birth In Focus
  • Birth In Focus

  • Irene Calvert
  • As midwifery increases its visibility within society, midwives have become more confident about celebrating their work in the public arena. Birth in focus provides parents with a valuable introduct...
Birth Journeys
  • Birth Journeys

  • Leonie MacDonald
  • Stop listening to the horror stories. Be reassured, excited and inspired. Find out how beautiful and powerful birth can be. Discover the keys to planning your own positive birth - the best beginning t...
Birth Models That Work
  • Birth Models That Work

  • Robbie E. Davis-Floyd
  • This groundbreaking book takes us around the world in search of birth models that work in order to improve the standard of care for mothers and families everywhere. The contributors describe examples ...
Birth Over 35
  • Birth Over 35

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • More women than ever are having babies in their late thirties and forties. Many of us have built successful careers, and we bring our experience and maturity to pregnancy and birth. We wont be fobbed ...
Birth Reborn
  • Birth Reborn

  • Michel Odent
  • The internationally known French physician and head of the Pithiviers Maternity Clinic in northern France explains his revolutionary natural childbirth methods, which result in some of the lowest infa...
Birth Right
  • Birth Right

  • Susan Ross
  • An insider’s guide to getting the best for you and your baby in pregnancy and birth – by a midwife who knows it all.You’re pregnant and you want the best for you and your baby. This ...
Birth Rites Birth Rights
  • Birth Rites Birth Rights

  • Judtih lumley
  • It is the parents right to play an active role in obstetric decisions - yet they are often bewildered by the range of ideas and advice about childbirth. At a time when interest in leboyer delivery, bi...
Birth Skills
  • Birth Skills

  • JuJu Sundin
  • Explanations about the physiology of pain and what techniques can help ease it help pregnant women understand what bodies experience during labor and what can be done to actively manage the pain. With...
Birth Stories
  • Birth Stories

  • Carolyn Noble
  • Sometimes moving, sometimes funny, sometimes surprising and always absorbing. Birth Stories is a collection of intimate personal accounts of pregnancy and preparation for childbirth, labour and delive...
Birth with confidence
  • Birth with confidence

  • Rhea Dempsy
  • Are you curious about the possibility of normal birth? Do you like the idea but worry the reality may be too hard? Or are you certain it is the right choice for you but unsure how to prepare for the c...
Birth without violence
  • Birth without violence

  • Frederick Leboyer
  • In words and pictures, Dr Frederick Leboyer shows how we can treat babies as human beings and how, with dimmed lights, quiet, and a warm, fluid environment, we can ease them from the womb gently, kind...
Birth your way
  • Birth your way

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • A book for pregnant women who are thinking about giving birth at home or in a birth centre. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout with photos taken by the professional photographer and doula,...
Birthing from Within
  • Birthing from Within

  • England Horowitz
  • Here is a holistic approach to childbirth that examines this profound rite-of-passage not as a medical event but as an act of self-discovery. Exercises and activities such as journal writing, meditati...
Birthing in Paradise
  • Birthing in Paradise

  • Helen Laing
  • Birthing in paradise is a book for all new mothers-to-be. It focuses on the need for childbirth to be seen as a natural event rather than an alien one. Helen Laing introduces you to the ways of pre...
Birthing Normally
  • Birthing Normally

  • Gayle Peterson
  • Pregnancy is a time of natural stress. It is the healthy stress of changes that flow within a woman physically and emotionally, as she grows towards motherhood. Ever evolving, a woman's travels th...
Birthing the spirit
  • Birthing the spirit

  • Ann Watts & Liz Watters
  • We invite you through, concious conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting, to choose the experience you want and reach for the highest expression of love you can embrace. ...
Birthing Your Baby The Second Stage
  • Birthing Your Baby The Second Stage

  • Edwards N & Beech B
  • This booklet is for those who would like to know more about the second stage of labour, although in this size booklet it is not possible to cover every aspect. For example, we do not include specific ...
  • Birthrites

  • Joan Donley
  • Given support and patience, 85% of women can give birth normally and naturally. They do not need the routine medical high tech intervention that has become common practice in hospitals today. This ...
Births Galore and much much more
  • Births Galore and much much more

  • Carol Barber
  • If you are pregnant and would like to share other woemsn birth and post-natal experiences, this is the book for you. Included are Suggestions towards making your labour less painful. Notes fro...

  • Jenny Blyth
  • 'Birthwork' is an important holistic complement to exsisting bodies of knowledge about caring for the birthing mother. It is for the professional and non professional birthworker alike, detail...
Body, Soul and Baby
  • Body, Soul and Baby

  • Tracey W Gaudet
  • In a culture that rarely sees pregnancy as a journey to self-discovery, Body, Soul, and Baby offers a fresh perspective on this transformative life experience by showing women how to tune in to the cu...
CD Coping with sickness in pregnancy
  • CD Coping with sickness in pregnancy

  • Holistic maternity service
  • This interactive CD ROM provides a variety of self-help suggestions about how to use natural remedies and complementary therapies safely to ease the nausea and stop you vomiting. ...
CD Peace baby
  • CD Peace baby

  • Paul P Wiltshire
  • This music has been designed to calm both mother and baby during times of stress, unrest and discomfort Peace baby is a fresh approach with innovative, beautiful pices of music which reward both th...
CD Peace baby - Vol 2
  • CD Peace baby - Vol 2

  • This music has been designed to calm both mother and baby during times of stress, unrest and discomfort Peace baby is a fresh approach with innovative, beautiful pices of music which reward both th...
Childbirth Today
  • Childbirth Today

  • Dr Ralph Hickling
  • A complete description of childbirth by an expert in the field. The birth process, its history, problems of birth and how they are resolved. Modern techniques, the issues that have arisen with them an...
Childbirth Unmasked
  • Childbirth Unmasked

  • Margaret Jowitt
  • Healthy women are still bein coerced to leave the comfort and security of their own homes to have their babies in hospital. There, they are surrounded by total strangers and a mind-boggling range of t...
Childbirth Wisdom from the oldest societies
  • Childbirth Wisdom from the oldest societies

  • Judith Goldsmith
  • From Judith Goldsmiths absorbing new book emerges the first clear picture of pregnancy and childbirth in the worlds traditional societies To help speed labour, women are encouraged to walk when ...
Childbirth without fear
  • Childbirth without fear

  • Helen Wessell & Harlan F Ellis
  • Groundbreaking classic of natural childbirth, which started the revolution still going on today. Useful reading for women, pregnant women, mothers, midwives, obstetricians. ...
Conception, Pregnancy and Birth
  • Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

  • Dr Miriam Stoppard
  • The most authoritative, up-to-date, and comprehensive guide to having a baby, by a leading pregnancy and childcare expert. ...
Confident Birth
  • Confident Birth

  • Susanna Heli
  • Women have an innate ability to give birth, a knowledge that has been acquired through thousands of years of evolution. Yet all too often fear and stress can get in the way and block the natural proce...
Creating a Joyful Birth Experience
  • Creating a Joyful Birth Experience

  • Lucia Capacchion & Sandra Bardsley
  • Using a unique journaling method Creating a joyful birth experience will help women to understand the emotional aspects of pregnancy and early parenting. It will empower women to make their own inform...
Creating your birth plan
  • Creating your birth plan

  • Faye Read
  • A birth plan is a helpful and important educational tool, which can be used to increase the womans understaing about the process of labour and birth. It helps the individual or couples and their suppo...
Creating your birth plan
  • Creating your birth plan

  • Marsden Wagner
  • Creating Your Birth Plan helps expectant mothers make informed decisions about the assistance they'll require for childbirth. Designed to encourage collaboration between pregnant women and th...
Delivering Your Placenta The Third Stage
  • Delivering Your Placenta The Third Stage

  • Nadine Edwards
  • In thsi booklet Nadine Edwards AIMS vice chair, summarise what we know and do not know about research on the third stage of pregnancy ( Delivery of your placenta ) and highlights some of the issues of...
Diary of an Unborn Child
  • Diary of an Unborn Child

  • Manuel Coudris
  • All of us have come from our mothers' wombs, but we do not remember the experiences, even though it still affects us now. This diary tells of the daily experiences, the untainted intelligence and ...
Dictionary of pregnancy and birth
  • Dictionary of pregnancy and birth

  • Heather Welford
  • This Dictionary of pregnancy and birth has over 450 enteries - from Aphafetoprotein to Old Wives' Tales; Apgar Test to Maternity Leave; Braxton Hicks Contractions to Zygote; Dental checks to Verni...
  • Doulas

  • Susan Ross
  • Imagine birthing your baby exactly the way you would like - quietly and peacefully in a dimly lit room in absolute control of your labour and birth, feeling safe and supported. A doula can help you ac...
Drugs in Conception, Pregnancy & Childbirth
  • Drugs in Conception, Pregnancy & Childbirth

  • Judy Priest
  • A practical guide to help pregnant women weigh up the risks and benefits of taking commonly prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, from "everyday drugs" such as caffeine and alcohol, to &quo...
Drugs in Pregnancy
  • Drugs in Pregnancy

  • Ron Batagol
  • Drugs are listed alphabetically. Each drug citation lists a pregnancy risk assessment, in accordance with ADEC categorization. For each drug, an overall assessment is given to indicate the auuthor'...
DVD - Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth
  • DVD - Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Uma Dinsmore - Tuli
  • Is this the right book for me? Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth offers you and your birth partner an effective and uniquely holistic guide to maximising your health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy and ...
DVD - Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth
  • DVD - Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Wellbeing for mums to be
  • Take time out for you and your baby with this easy-to-follow and informative program for every mum-to-be. It was devised by and features pre-natal Yoga teacher Katie Brown, who was seven months pregna...
DVD Aiming for Natural Birth
  • DVD Aiming for Natural Birth

  • Light source films
  • Aiming for Natural Birth is a sensible guide to the miraculous experience of pregnancy and birth. It will assist expectant mothers, their partners and  families prepare for a natural birth. Th...
DVD Attending birth
  • DVD Attending birth

  • Attending Birth is a two part documentary speaking to the hearts and minds of women givivng birth and those who attend them. Part 1 - Three esteemed doctors give their views of birth - Safe and una...
DVD Birth of a family
  • DVD Birth of a family

  • Christina M van Duijn
  • This dynamic film portrays the strength of child birth from a fathers perspective as well as show how fluid and empowering birth can be for the birthing woman. It shows how the entire family embraces ...
DVD Birth Stories - Beyond the Face of Birth
  • DVD Birth Stories - Beyond the Face of Birth

  • Baby Banksia and Goodeyedeer presents
  • Birth Stories shares compelling birth stories from nine diverse women, who chose different models of care for their pregnancies, Although they each have different outcomes, all have empowering experie...
DVD Birth without violence
  • DVD Birth without violence

  • Frederick Leboyer
  • "Apart from a short introduction there is no commentary or voice over in these three films. Talking is the expression of your mind thinking. Thinking is nothing but an illusion, which you continu...
DVD Birth-move-ment
  • DVD Birth-move-ment

  • Karin Berghammer
  • Birth-Move-Ment  - Movements and positions that facilitate the labor process.... as opposed to lying on your back, all these positions increase the womans respiratory volume and help optimize the...
DVD Birth: Eight Women's Stories
  • DVD Birth: Eight Women's Stories

  • Nancy Durrell McKenna
  • This film gives first hand experience of this intimate and exciting moment in life, with commentaries by mothers, partners, midwives and obstetricians accompanying their stories. ...
DVD Giving Birth & Being Born
  • DVD Giving Birth & Being Born

  • Berghammer, Ahner & Husslein
  • The first part sheds light on the psychological and emotional aspects of the birthing process, depicting the subjective experience of childbirth using impressionistic and emotional images The secon...
DVD Hello Baby
  • DVD Hello Baby

  • Dr Sarah J Buckley
  • Join experienced ante-natal practitioner Jodi McGillivray and her support team as they create their birth environment, and watch as they embrace this "labour of love" Beautifully crafted ...
DVD Laboring under an illusion
  • DVD Laboring under an illusion

  • Vicki Elson
  • Laboring Under an Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs The Real Thing analyses the representations of birth in mainstream television and childbirth films, and encourages pregnant couples to conside...
DVD Lotus Birth
  • DVD Lotus Birth

  • Davini Malcolm
  • Join Davini Malcolm and her family as they journey towards the birth of twins. Davini gave birth to her first two children at home and both were lotus born into water. Davini and Peter have chosen thi...
DVD Meet the experts Beyond the face of Birth
  • DVD Meet the experts Beyond the face of Birth

  • Baby Banksia and Goodeyedeer presents
  • Interactive, challenging and inspiring, this DVD is a great resource for maternity professionals and instructive viewing for anyone interested in birthing practice today. ...
DVD More Business of being born
  • DVD More Business of being born

  • Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein
  • Down on the farm - Conversations with legendary midwife Ina May Gaskin Special Deliveries - Celebrity mothers talk straigh on birth Explore your options - Doulas. Birth centres and C sections ...
DVD Mothers Touch Nurturing Touch for birth
  • DVD Mothers Touch Nurturing Touch for birth

  • This comprehensive DVD guides viewrs in the essentials of supportive touch during labor and concludes with a moving homebirth. Part 1 offers information about benefits, self care for the touch comp...
DVD Penny Simkins comfort measures for childbirth
  • DVD Penny Simkins comfort measures for childbirth

  • Penny Simkin
  • Childbirth does not mean you have to suffer. Learn ways to reduce and manage the pain of labor contractions See women wusing these techniques during labor. This DVD is deivided into 4 sections ...
DVD Saras Birth - Birth Experiences
  • DVD Saras Birth - Birth Experiences

  • Womens and Childrens Hospital
  • This DVD documents Sara's delivery of her second child, baby Julissa - 'as it happened'. Use it to complement birth education and enhance your understanding of normal vaginal birth. ...
DVD Skin to Skin in the first hour after Birth
  • DVD Skin to Skin in the first hour after Birth

  • The Healthy children Project
  • This video is intende to assist staff in providing behaviorally appropriate, individualized, baby adapted care for the full term newborn using the best practice of skin to skin contact in the first ho...
DVD The Big Stretch Insights about birth
  • DVD The Big Stretch Insights about birth

  • Alieta Belle & Jenny Blyth
  • Presents a fresh insight into the amazing journey each woman takes to become a mother. Women in different stages of pregnancy and preparing for a natural birth reflect on how they 'stretched' ...
DVD The big stretch sequel
  • DVD The big stretch sequel

  • Be uplifted, inspired, informed and impressed by committed and self-responsible parents. Through 13 individual chapters they show us how possible it is to work creatively with each unique birth and re...
DVD The Birth of Sabine
  • DVD The Birth of Sabine

  • Andaluz Waterbirth centre
  • The first in the Birth Story series, Sabine's video shows us the excitement and anticipation of a mothers first pregnancy ...
DVD The Business of Being Born
  • DVD The Business of Being Born

  • Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein
  • Inspired by their own unique birth expperiences producer Rikki Lake and director Abby Epstein team up to provide a nation of mothers-to-be with insight into the process of childbirth and various optio...
DVD The Face of Birth - where the personal gets political
  • DVD The Face of Birth - where the personal gets political

  • Baby Banksia and Goodeyedeer presents
  • The face of birth gives us the big-picture on the importance of how, where and with whom we give birth. Through the diverse and beautiful stories of women who choose to birth at home, it examines the ...
DVD The magical hour
  • DVD The magical hour

  • Dr Kajsa Brimdyr
  • Dr Kajsa Brimdyr, ethoographer and international expert in implementing skin to skin in the first hour, guides you through the beauty and the magic of the first hour after birth. Combining stunning vi...
  • DVD WHAT IF---?

  • Vicki Chan
  • What if a woman could find her most beautiful and powerful self through the journey of her birth? What if a baby was brought into the world knowing nothing but love? ...
Eating for two
  • Eating for two

  • Kathleen Gandy
  • In Eating for two you will find over 100 recipies that will make cooking and eating during pregnancy a pleasurable experience. Covering everything from light breakfasts and lunches to delicious dinner...
Education and Couselling for Childbirth
  • Education and Couselling for Childbirth

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • Education and Councelling for Childbirth is about the normal life crisis of having a baby and how involved, whether doctor, nurse, midwife, physiotherapist, childbirth educator, psychotherapist, socia...
Empowerment of Women, Birth
  • Empowerment of Women, Birth

  • Sally Davies
  • This book is an expression of myself as a woman, midwife and mother. It deals with my profound belief that women know how to give birth to their own babies. This creative venture draws on my many year...
Entering the World
  • Entering the World

  • Michel Odent
  • Putting a stop to the technical regimentation and control of childbirth is one of the most important and positive tasks facing us today. Entering the World outlines and explains a programme of '&#...
Every Woman's Birth Rights
  • Every Woman's Birth Rights

  • Pat Thomas
  • Every Woman's BirthRights gives mothers the information they need to make positive choices about pregnancy and childbirth. It encourages them to trust and act on their instincts rather than aquies...
Every Womans guide to eating during pregnancy
  • Every Womans guide to eating during pregnancy

  • Shulman and Davis
  • From a best-selling cookbook author and a nationally respected ob-gyn, a book that makes eating well during pregnancy easier than ever Now that you're pregnant, what you eat is more important than...
Expect the Unexpected When You're Expecting
  • Expect the Unexpected When You're Expecting

  • Eunice Glick
  • An illustrated parody of the multimillion-copy-selling pregnancy primer What to Expect When You're Expecting, and the perfect gift for everyone who has had a baby, is having a baby, or is even thi...
  • Expecting

  • Anna McGrail & Daphne Metland
  • Anna and Daphne have combined their many years of experience, producing an interesting and well written book based on fact rather than opinion, covering conception to postnatal. Most expecting mothers...
Expecting better
  • Expecting better

  • Emily Oster
  • Award-winning Emily Oster debunks myths about pregnancy to empower women while they're expecting. Pregnancy is full of rules. Pregnant women are often treated as if they were children, given long ...
Face to Face with Childbirth
  • Face to Face with Childbirth

  • Foreword by D.L.Jones
  • Julia Sundin is a physiotherapist in a private obstetric practice in Sydney. She is one of Australia's most prominent educators in both childbirth preparation and holistic pregnancy fitness. Her e...
Feeding the bump
  • Feeding the bump

  • Lisa Neal
  • We all know that it is important to eat well, and at no time in a womans life does nutrition matter more than when she is pregnant or trying to conceive. Here at last is your guide to eating well - fo...
Freedom & Choice in childbirth
  • Freedom & Choice in childbirth

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • This book is designed to help anyone looking ahead to childbirth and understand the choices she can make. It gives her the means to sort out her priorities and come to her own informed decisions. It w...
From the heart ( A book of inspirational birth stories
  • From the heart ( A book of inspirational birth stories

  • Lousie Luscri
  • These birth stories are a compilation of emails and letters written by mothers and fathers who have attended my prenatal courses. Some of my colleagues also kindly shared their stories The stories ...
Gas and Air
  • Gas and Air

  • Dawson J & Daly M et al
  • 22 stunning tales of pregnancy, birth and beyond...Emily Perkins, Polly Samson, Peter Carey, Julia Darling, Judith Bryan, Roddy Doyle, Jill Dawson, Chandani Lokuge, Eva Sallis, Margo Daly, Bridget O&#...
Gentle birth choices
  • Gentle birth choices

  • Barbera Harper
  • New parents are faced with a myriad of choices about pregnancy labour and birth. In GENTLE BIRTH CHOICES Barbara Harper renowned childbirth advocate nurse former midwife and mother of three helps to c...
Gentle Birth Method
  • Gentle Birth Method

  • DR G Motha& K Swan MacLeod
  • Childbirth guru Dr Gowri Motha, who practises with Dr Yehudi Gordon - author of Birth and Beyond - shows women how her revolutionary method helps women carry the baby to full term, have less intervent...
Gentle birth, Gentle mothering
  • Gentle birth, Gentle mothering

  • Sarah J Buckley
  • Pregnancy and birth can be ecstatic, instinctive, fulfilling and safe for you and your baby. Gentle birth and gentle parenting lay a strong foundation for life - long health and wellbeing for all...
Going it alone
  • Going it alone

  • Natasha Mirosch
  • Going it alone is the essential guide for the modern woman entering pregnancy without a partner. Sensitive to the needs of the single pregnant woman, this guide contains up-to-date information on the ...
Group B Strep Explained
  • Group B Strep Explained

  • Sara Wickham
  • This book discusses the different perspectives on and approaches to Group B Strep - The human bacteria relationship - the different kinds of screening and treatments that are available - the wider iss...
Happy Birth day
  • Happy Birth day

  • Mitchell Beazley
  • Indispensable advice and everything you need to know about pregnancy and birth to give you and your baby the best possible start in life. ...
Have The Birth You want
  • Have The Birth You want

  • Gill Thorn
  • When they give birth many women hope to manage without drugs and to have intervention only if there is a complication; but what they get often depends more on the protocols of the hospital than the pr...
Having a Baby Easily A guide to natural birth
  • Having a Baby Easily A guide to natural birth

  • Margaret Brady
  • For many years expectant mothers have followed the sound advice given by Margaret Brady and have confidently brought into the world their "Brady babies". That this is so is bourne out by the...
Having a Great Birth in Australia
  • Having a Great Birth in Australia

  • Dr Sally Tracy
  • Having a Great Birth in Australia is a collection of candid stories from 20 Australian women who have recently given birth. These stories tell with honesty and insight, about the  challenges and ...
Heart & Hands a Midwife guide to pregnancy and Birth
  • Heart & Hands a Midwife guide to pregnancy and Birth

  • Elizabeth Davis
  • A fully revised update of the foundational text on birth assisting from internationally renowned authority Elizabeth Davis, offering professional guidance for both aspiring and veteran midwives. Prese...
Help! Im having a baby
  • Help! Im having a baby

  • Anne Buckle
  • A must for all pregnant women, Help! i am having a baby is a user friendly introduction to becomming a mum. Everything you need to know about pregnancy, labour, giving birth and life with your new bab...
Holistic Parenting
  • Holistic Parenting

  • Sneyd L
  • The definitive guide to holistic health for children * Explores the meaning of a holistic lifestyle and shows how mind, body, and spirit are Integral to children's healing * Discusses herbal medic...
Holistic pregnancy and childbirth
  • Holistic pregnancy and childbirth

  • James Marti
  • Holistic pregnancy and childbirth. Your month-by-month guide to the latest therapies, techniques, and natural approaches. For the most rewarding path to a comfortable pregnancy, a shorter labor, and t...
Homebirth in the hospital
  • Homebirth in the hospital

  • Stacey Marie Kerr
  • The personalized and empowering experience of a home birth can also occur in a hospital setting. This book presents fifteen powerful testimonies about this kind of emotionally satisfying birth. The st...
How to choose the sex of your baby
  • How to choose the sex of your baby

  • Shettles & Rorvik
  • For almost forty years, How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby has been the standard reference for couples trying to increase their chances of having the son or daughter they hope for. In this new edition...
Hypnobirthing The Mongan method
  • Hypnobirthing The Mongan method

  • Marie F Mongan
  • Marie Mongan, M.Ed., M.Hy., is a life-long educator, former college dean, clinical hypnotherapist, and Director of the Hypnobirthing Institute. She is the recipient of the 1995 National Guild of Hypno...
I'm a big bellied babe
  • I'm a big bellied babe

  • Rebecca Turkich
  • An utterly hillarious journey into the wierd world of wombs, women and wonder.   ...
Ina Mays guide to Childbirth
  • Ina Mays guide to Childbirth

  • Ina May Gaskin
  • What you need to know to have the best birth experience for you. Drawing upon her thirty-plus years of experience, Ina May Gaskin, the nation’s leading midwife, shares the benefits and joys of n...
Induction Do I Really Need it?
  • Induction Do I Really Need it?

  • Sara Wickham
  • This book has been written to give information and advice to women whose babies are "overdue" those who have gestational diabetes, or whose waters have broken but have not gone into labour, ...
Labyrinth of birth
  • Labyrinth of birth

  • Pam England
  • Designed to transform the experience of childbirth, this manual calls upon the use of the timeless and powerful symbol of the labyrinth in 12 simple meditations and ceremonies. Ideal as a tool for cen...
Lotus Birth
  • Lotus Birth

  • Shivram Rachana
  • Lotus Birth is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut, so that the baby remains attached to the placenta until the cord natually seperates at the navel - exactly as a cut cord does - at thre...
Making Birth Easier
  • Making Birth Easier

  • Andrea Robertson
  • Every mother hopes for a quick and straightforward birth for herself and her baby. This happens more easily when others understand her needs, know her desires and can provide the right place and atmos...
Minymaku Kutju Tjukurpa ( Women's business manual )
  • Minymaku Kutju Tjukurpa ( Women's business manual )

  • Congress Alukura and Nganampa Health Council Inc
  • This painting is about traditional music.Many traditional songs are represented from our grand-mothers and our grandfathers' country. Women sing these to maintain their continuity. They dance t...
  • Misconceptions

  • Naomi Wolf
  • Every year, millions of women have their lives turned inside out by the experience of pregnancy. A contemporary woman find herself caught in an absurd paradox: while in the grip of one of the most pri...
Morning Sickness
  • Morning Sickness

  • Nicky Wesson
  • It is estimated that over 80% of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness in some form and yet no-one is sure why it happens or indeed why it affects some women and not others. This book offers nat...
Mother Love
  • Mother Love

  • Edited by Debra Adelaide
  • Motherlove is a collection of stories written by women about birth, their babies and their lives beyond the moment of childbirth, when the world changes forever. Sometimes funny and practical, sometim...
Mother Love 2
  • Mother Love 2

  • Edited by Debra Adelaide
  • Following the enormous success of Motherlove comes another collection of stories about having babies and being plunged into the role of motherhood. From the tricky process of conceiving a child, to th...
Mother rising
  • Mother rising

  • Yana Cortlund,Barb Lucke & Donna Miller Watelet
  • Different from a baby shower, where gifts are lavished upon the soon-to-be-born child, a blessingway ceremony honors the mother-to-be and creates a circle of support that will cradle her as she prepar...
Mothering the Mother
  • Mothering the Mother

  • Marshall Klaus
  • This indispensable book by the three distinguished authorities on childbirth shows how every expectant parent can use the help of a doula, or trained labor companion, to: shorten first-time labo...
Mothering the new mother
  • Mothering the new mother

  • Sally Placksin
  • You don't have to be alone. Share the experiences, successes, and struggles of many other women before and after childbirth in this all-in-one mothercare guide about family, work, the baby (or sec...
Natural Birth
  • Natural Birth

  • Kristina Turner
  • In our society birth is often viewed as something to be feared. In this uplifting book, Kristina Turner applies esoteric knowledge to show practical ways of transforming a difficult experience into a ...
Natural Birth at home
  • Natural Birth at home

  • Donna Hatswell & Wendy Thornton
  • This remarkable collection is a compilation of homegrown birth stories - intimate experiences accompanied by beautiful photography - reminding us of the sacredness, joy and rewards that come with natu...
Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way
  • Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

  • Susan McCutcheon
  • Since the Bradley method was first introduced in 1970, a growing number of expectant parents have opted for natural childbirth, knowing that it's safer than medicated or surgical delivery. But whe...
Natural Hospital Birth
  • Natural Hospital Birth

  • Cynthia Gabriel
  • You Can have the best of both worlds - a natural birth in a hospital Doula, medical anthropologist, and mother of three, Cynthia Gabriel offers the tools and inspiration you need to release your fe...
Natural Pregnancy and Birth
  • Natural Pregnancy and Birth

  • Claire Gillman
  • Here is how to have a healthy and safe pregnancy by adopting a natural approach. With her friendly, non-judgemental style, health and childcare expert Claire Gillman explains all the options available...
Natural Remedies for pregnancy and childbirth
  • Natural Remedies for pregnancy and childbirth

  • Bernadette Leiser
  • The 'minor discomforts of pregnancy' are considered a normal part of pregnancy however they often do not always feel minor and some can make pregnancy very uncomfortable and distressing. There...
Nature Birth
  • Nature Birth

  • Danae Brook
  • A complete guide to pregnancy, in which Danae Brook shows parents how to use the benefits of modern medicine without losing the emotional depths of this natural miracle. ...
Nest - Getting ready for your Baby
  • Nest - Getting ready for your Baby

  • Julia Dove
  • The months leading up to a babys arrival are filled with anticiapation and excitement, but are also the time when preparations need to be made. Where will the baby sleep? Which nappies are best? What ...
New hope for problem pregnancies
  • New hope for problem pregnancies

  • D Hales & Robert K Creasey
  • Thanks to todays medical revolution - inproved fetal monitoring techniques, new drugs and diets, and special health clinics - more and more problem pregnancies can result in healthy babies. This ...
New Pregnancy and birth book
  • New Pregnancy and birth book

  • Miriam Stoppard
  • This revised edition covers very aspect of pregnancy and childbirth for all parents-to-be. It provides information and guidance for both partners through every stage from preconceptual planning to the...
Nine months, Nine lessons
  • Nine months, Nine lessons

  • Gail Sforza Brewer
  • This book is about labor, unlike any other work on the subject. It advocates cooperative childbirth, a new method for meeting the challenges of labor that is far more effective than any other. It offe...
Nutrition In pregnancy and Lactation
  • Nutrition In pregnancy and Lactation

  • Bonnie S. Worthinton-Roberts
  • Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation provides balanced, comprehensive coverage of nutrition needs during and between the times of these unique physiologic events, as well as offering extensive practic...
Older Mothers: Conception, pregnancy and birth after 35
  • Older Mothers: Conception, pregnancy and birth after 35

  • Berryman J, Thorpe K & Windridge K
  • The biological clock is of concern to all women over 35 who want to combine careers and motherhood. Finally, for these women, their families, and the health professionals who care for them, there is a...
Optimal Foetal Positioning  (Understanding and Teaching)
  • Optimal Foetal Positioning (Understanding and Teaching)

  • Jean Sutton & Pauline Scott
  • In the area of pregnancy and childbirth, every so often an idea emerges that has the potential to make a significant impact on the way that women labour and give birth. I  beleive Optimal Foetal ...
Oriori - A Maori Child is born
  • Oriori - A Maori Child is born

  • Kahukiwa R & Potiki R
  • An oriori is a chant, song or lullaby composed for young children by their parents or extended family. It tells of the child's origins and is intended to honour the child and encourage it to conti...
Our Bodies, Our Babies
  • Our Bodies, Our Babies

  • Kerren M. Reiger
  • For most of the twentieth century, childbirth and the care of mothers and babies in western countries was controlled by doctors and our hospital system headed by men. In Our bodies Our babies Kerre...
Pain Relief Options in Labour
  • Pain Relief Options in Labour

  • Christine White
  • The purpose of this booklet is to explain some of the methods you can use for reducing pain in childbirth. The various options avaialble should you require pain relief are explained. Well informed wom...
People as Parents
  • People as Parents

  • Marilyn Piper
  • People as Parents is a guide for junior high school students to the skills required in the early stages of child care and development. Starting with the assumption that our apprentiship for parenthood...
Placenta the forgotten Chakra
  • Placenta the forgotten Chakra

  • Robert Lim
  • Journey through the traditions, myths, facts and rituals concerning Placenta.....the forgotten Chakra. This book blends respect for culture and respect for nature, while standing firmly on scientific ...
Planning a Baby?
  • Planning a Baby?

  • Dr Sarah Brewer
  • This insightful resource is a parent’s perfect guide to giving a baby the best possible start in life. By taking maximum care of your health in the six months before your new child is even conce...
Praying for your unborn child
  • Praying for your unborn child

  • Francis & Judith MacNutt
  • What might happen if pregnant mothers and expectant fathers learned to pray for their baby - even before its birth? Francis and Judith MacNutt believe that if enough couples start praying for their un...
Pre parenting ( Nurturing your child from conception)
  • Pre parenting ( Nurturing your child from conception)

  • Thomas R Verny
  • How does a mother's tone of voice affect her unborn child? What kind of music, if any, should a child be exposed to in the womb? Can parents influence the predispositions of their child to traits ...
Pregnancy & Diabetes
  • Pregnancy & Diabetes

  • Estridge & Davies
  • This practical guide to managing diabetes both during and after pregnancy, covers the special needs which need to be addressed from conception and throughout ante- and post-natal care, the risks invol...
Pregnancy and Birth
  • Pregnancy and Birth

  • Gill Thorn
  • Produced in conjunction with Practical Parenting, Britains best-read baby magazine, the book contains clear explanations, sound advice, questions and answers, quotations from mothers about their own e...
Pregnancy and Birth book
  • Pregnancy and Birth book

  • Dr Miriam Stoppard
  • This is the comprehensive handbook of advice on every aspect of pregnancy and childbirth - from pre-conceptual planning to the first days of life. ...
Pregnancy Basics
  • Pregnancy Basics

  • Womens Weekly
  • From planning the conception of a baby right through to the day of the birth, this book will help parents-to-be understand the whole mysterious process of pregnancy and childbirth. It features a week-...
Pregnancy Birth and the early months
  • Pregnancy Birth and the early months

  • Richard I Feinbloom
  • Pregnancy, Birth, and the Early Months has established itself as the most reliable and complete guide to the entire childbirth experience. The second edition is entirely updated to incorporate the ver...
Pregnancy book
  • Pregnancy book

  • bounty
  • Your essential nine-month guide to evertything from conception to birth Your baby's development Health and fitness Baby health Antenatal care Labour and birth ...
Pregnancy Care
  • Pregnancy Care

  • Whetther you are pregnant already or just thinking about starting a family, you are bound to have lots of questions. How can you make the pregnancy and birth as safe and as satisfying as possible? Wha...
Pregnancy Childbirth & the Newborn
  • Pregnancy Childbirth & the Newborn

  • Dr Jonathon Morris
  • If you buy only one childbirth book, this is the one...It is the comprehensive, authoritative book which gives you a wealth of information about pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period and how to care...
Pregnancy day by day
  • Pregnancy day by day

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • A unique combination of practical advice and personal record . An accesible and informative guide to care during pregnancy. Your own personal diary of your pregnancy Featurs special photograp...
Pregnancy for Dummies
  • Pregnancy for Dummies

  • Palmer, Stone, Eddleman and Murray
  • Packed with tonnes of fully researched information - from conception through the stages of pregnancy to giving birth and returning home with your baby - Pregnancy for Dummies covers all you need to kn...
Pregnancy: The CommonSense Approach
  • Pregnancy: The CommonSense Approach

  • Pat Thomas
  • Among women there used to be a 'common' sense of what was appropriate, effective and safe in pregnancy and birth. Today, common sense has given way to expert opinion. Pat Thomas's excellen...
Prenatal tests the facts
  • Prenatal tests the facts

  • Lachland de Crespigny
  • Most parents-to-be will be offered an array of tests to check on the wellbeing of their unborn baby. This practical book provides clear and accessible information about the purpose, the timing and the...
Preparation for Childbirth (A Lamaze guide)
  • Preparation for Childbirth (A Lamaze guide)

  • Donna & Roger Ewy
  • The lamaze method prepares a woman emotionally, intellectually, psychologically and physically for childbirth. The Lamaze-trained woman approaches childbirth with a positive attitude, knowledge, and c...
Preparing for Birth : Mothers
  • Preparing for Birth : Mothers

  • Andrea Robertson
  • This book has been written as a simple, concise guide to pregnancy, birth and the new baby. It has been designed to serve as background notes for the information provided in pre-natal classes and as a...
Primal Health
  • Primal Health

  • Michel Odent
  • Michel Odent, the leading pioneer for natural childbirth, indicates that the period between conception and a child's first birthday is critical to life-long health. In this prophetic book - first ...
Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth
  • Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth

  • Benig Mauger
  • A therapist and childbirth educator shows how connection to nature and the spiritual world can heal birth trauma and preserve the health and well-being of mothers and babies. - Encourages mothers to r...
Rediscovering Birth
  • Rediscovering Birth

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • In Rediscovering Birth, the universal experience of pregnancy and childbirth is explored and Sheila Kitzinger looks closely at the feelings and behaviour in pregnancy, the physical and spiritual exper...
Safe Pregnancy
  • Safe Pregnancy

  • Beatrice Smulders & Mariel Croon
  • From the moment of conception until the birth of their baby, pregnant women have a myriad of questions. In Safe Pregnancy, Beatrice Smulders and Mareil Croon answer these questions with wisdom and hum...
Sheila Kitzinger's Birth Book
  • Sheila Kitzinger's Birth Book

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • Sheila Kitzingers, one of the worlds leading experts on childbirth, takes you week by week through every stage of pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. She describes exactly what you can exp...
Shouldn't I Be Happy?
  • Shouldn't I Be Happy?

  • Shaila Misri M.D.
  • A guide for expectant and new mothers on emotional issues associated with parenthood, including post-partum depression. Pregnancy and childbirth are a happy and joyous time for some women, but for ...
Speaking of Birth
  • Speaking of Birth

  • Valmai McDonald
  • Forget all about the official propoganda about 'birth options' Here is the real and strange story of childbirth and childbirth practices In this book parents and midwives demonstrate that t...
Survival guide to midwifery
  • Survival guide to midwifery

  • Dian M Fraser Margaret
  • Perfect for practical placement, this hady Survival guide gives you the clinical information you need at your fingertips. ...
Tackling Teenage Pregnancy: Sex, culture and needs
  • Tackling Teenage Pregnancy: Sex, culture and needs

  • Chambers R, Wakley G & Chambers S
  • A discussion of issues relating to tackling teenage pregnancy. It provides viewpoints from both the medical professionals' and the teenagers' perspectives, and includes case studies that descr...
The Birth Book
  • The Birth Book

  • W & M Sears
  • Prepare for a safe and joyful birth-with the help of America's foremost baby and childcare experts Since women enjoy more birthing options today than ever before, the path toward a safe and satisf...
The Birth Primer
  • The Birth Primer

  • Rebecca Parfitt
  • This is the first book which you as and expectant parent should read. Its objective insights will give you comfort and confidence in making informed decisions about how to have your baby your own way....
The Birth Wars
  • The Birth Wars

  • Mary-Rose MacColl
  • Women are told they have pregnancy and birth care choices, but their only real choice is which side to take in the birth wars. Each day, battles are waged in hospitals and clinics around Australia&mda...
The Body Pregnant
  • The Body Pregnant

  • Ella Dreyfus
  • Like modern fertility goddesses, these striking black-and-white photographs celebrate the voluptuousness and dignity of pregnant women's bodies at a time when there is less and less acceptance of ...
The Doula Advantage
  • The Doula Advantage

  • Rachel Gurevich
  • Take Control of Your Childbirth Experience New moms are spreading the word to pregnant women just like you: Doulas make pregnancy and childbirth the celebratory experience it is meant to be! Doulas a...
The Doula Book
  • The Doula Book

  • Klaus,Kennell & Klaus
  • For an entire generation of new parents, this warm, expert work has become the standard guide to the shortest, easiest, and healthiest childbirth. Now a thoroughly updated and revised edition offers n...
The Encyclopedia of Pregnancy and Birth
  • The Encyclopedia of Pregnancy and Birth

  • Janet Balaskas & Yehudi Gordon
  • Full of valuable information, this book will help expectant mothers through every stage of their pregnancy. It includes sections on self-help, comprehensive medical reference, and plenty of practical ...
The Experience of Childbirth
  • The Experience of Childbirth

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • The first time you have a baby it is almost impossible to imagine how birth will be. You can learn all the facts but never grasp how it will feel. Nowadays, with increasing obstetric intervention, it ...
The Mother of all Pregnancy books
  • The Mother of all Pregnancy books

  • Ann Douglas
  • The ultimate guide to conception, birth, and everything in between Unlike those other bossy, tell-you-what-to-do pregnancy books, this funny, entertaining guide presents expectant parents with all the...
The Natural Way to a Better Pregnancy
  • The Natural Way to a Better Pregnancy

  • Naish & Roberts
  • In today's society pregnancy is often regarded as a medical rather than a natural event. The Natural way to a better pregnancy restores the natural order by reaffirming pregnancy as normal, health...
The Natural Way to Better Birth & Bonding
  • The Natural Way to Better Birth & Bonding

  • Naish & Roberts
  • Giving birth is an empowering and transformative life event, and when the birth and bonding between mother and baby unfold naturally, the positive effects for both are immeasurable. Better birth and b...
The New Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • The New Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Sheila Kitzinger
  • A comprehensive guide to pregnancy, labour and early parenthood, this book takes account of the latest developments in society, lifestyles and attitudes. It should prepare parents-to-be both emotional...
The Official Lamaze Guide
  • The Official Lamaze Guide

  • Judith Lothian Charlotte DeVries
  • Overview The Official Lamaze Guide is the first and only pregnancy and childbirth guide endorsed by Lamaze International, the leading childbirth education organization in North America. Its goal is to...
The pregnancy book
  • The pregnancy book

  • Royal hospital for women Sydney
  • The pregnancy book explains the facts of human reproduction and describes in detail what happens both physically and emotionally to mother and baby in pregnancy, and during and after delivery. ...
The Pregnancy book
  • The Pregnancy book

  • William & Martha Sears
  • America's foremost baby and childcare experts tell you what to expect, month by month, from conception through birth In this uniquely authoritative and comprehensive guide, Dr. Bill and Martha Sea...
The pregnancy instruction manual
  • The pregnancy instruction manual

  • Sarah Jordan
  • Bringing a baby into the world is one of life’s defining moments. But there’s no getting around it: Being pregnant can feel overwhelming.   Fortunately, The Pregnancy Instruction Ma...
The Prenatal Prescription
  • The Prenatal Prescription

  • Peter Nathanielsz
  • Did you know that... eating well before conception is as important as eating well during pregnancy? the health of your placenta is a key factor in determining your child's life span? mothers who e...
The Secret Life of the expectant Mother
  • The Secret Life of the expectant Mother

  • Carl Jones
  • The secret life of the expectant mother presents compelling stories of pregnant women who have a sense of communication with their unborn child, insights into the childs characteristics or sex, lifesa...
The Secret Life of the Unborn Child
  • The Secret Life of the Unborn Child

  • Verny T & Kelly J
  • At sixteen weeks the unborn child shies away from light. At twenty weeks there is a response to speech patterns. At twenty-five weeks the baby can kick in time to music. And at six months the unborn b...
The simple guide to having a baby
  • The simple guide to having a baby

  • Janet Whalley, Penny Simkin, & Ann Keppler
  • This accessible, easy-to-read guide to pregnancy and childbirth is a simplified version of the best-selling Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn by the same authors. It is written for expectant paren...
The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth
  • The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth

  • Henci Goer
  • "*The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth* puts the power of the latest scientific research into the hands of women to help them discern the facts from the myths and make informed decisi...
The Whole Pregnancy Handbook
  • The Whole Pregnancy Handbook

  • Joel M Evans MD OB/gyn with Robin Aronson
  • At last, everything you need to know about the latest in alternative and conventional healthcare before, during, and after pregnancy--in one comprehensive, jargon-free guide.Whether you embrace the ph...
TheUltimate Birth Choice
  • TheUltimate Birth Choice

  • Happy Healthy Child
  • Learn how to acheive your ideal pregnancy and Birth.... and how to care for your new baby ...
Transformation Through Birth
  • Transformation Through Birth

  • Claudia Panthos
  • Readers are given a glimpse of how protecting the integrity of birth, beginning on a personal level with our own peace of mind, may help bring about more positive, conscious birthing for everyone. &qu...
Ultrasound? Unsound
  • Ultrasound? Unsound

  • Beech B & Robinson J
  • Medical techniques, which may be of considerable value to some, leach automatically into routine use for all without prior study of the benefits or consequences. This applies to medicine as a whole, b...
Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Unplanned Pregnancy

  • Klein D & Kaufmann T
  • Debby Klein and Tara Kaufmann offer positive and sympathetic advice on making those decisions, helping you to make an informed choice based on  the realities of your life. ...
Up the Duff The real guide to pregnancy
  • Up the Duff The real guide to pregnancy

  • Kaz Cooke
  • Kaz Cooke gives you the up-to-date lowdown on pregnancy, birth and coping when you first get home. No bossy-boots rule, just lots of cartoons and the soundest, sanest, wittiest advice you will ever ge...
Watch me grow
  • Watch me grow

  • Prof Stuart Campbell
  • This book reveals the development and behaviour of the foetus throughout pregnancy through the 'window' of three-and four-dimentional ultrasound imaging. Using these techniques, it is now poss...
  • Waterchild

  • Bolinger J & English J
  • A celebration of the miracle of spirit manifest in physical form. Twenty more of Tao Te Ching photographer Jane English's exquisite black and white photographs of nature joined with jewel-like poe...
What to do when your baby is premature
  • What to do when your baby is premature

  • J. Garcia-Prats & Sharon Simmons Hornfischer
  • "What's happening to me? Is my baby going to be okay?" Maybe you're reading this guide because you've been told you're at high risk for having a premature baby. Or perhaps...
What to eat when you're expecting
  • What to eat when you're expecting

  • Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi Eisenberg Murkoff and Sandy Eisenberg Hathaway B.S.N.
  • Clear answers to hundreds of concerns: How diet affects morning sickness, mood swings, leg cramps ?ow to tell what s safe to eat and what s not. Whether or not your baby will suffer if you can t drink...
What to expect when you're expecting
  • What to expect when you're expecting

  • Eisberg, Murkoff & Hathaway
  • Incorporating the most recent developments in medicine, and responding to the many queries and letters received from readers, the book contains both the most accurate information available, and the mo...
When Survivors Give Birth
  • When Survivors Give Birth

  • Penny Simkin
  • When Survivors Give Birth is written for a mixed audience of maternity care professionals and para-professionals, mental health therapists and counselors, and women survivors and their families. The a...
While Waiting
  • While Waiting

  • Verrilli G & Mueser A
  • Third Revised Edition—A fully revised, expanded edition of the book that millions of women and care providers have depended on for facts about pregnancy More than 4.5 Million Copies Sold W...
Why Didnt?  Anyone tell me?
  • Why Didnt? Anyone tell me?

  • Rebecca Griffin
  • Every step of the journey to become a parent, while exciting, can also be daunting with countless choices and varying advice. In Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?, parents from around the world s...
Women In Labour
  • Women In Labour

  • Davis L, Byrne J & Cullen S
  • Waiting for the birth of a baby is a time of high expectation, and the unknown can be daunting. No-one can tell you what giving birth will be like for you, because every birth is different, but there ...
Working through your pregnancy
  • Working through your pregnancy

  • Lee Rodwell
  • Whatever your reasons for working during your pregnancy - financial security, enjoyment, to safeguard your career, or simply because you see no reason to stop - it is not always easy to get the balanc...
Working Woman's Pregnancy
  • Working Woman's Pregnancy

  • Hilary Boyd
  • The essential guide for today's working woman it provides a confident and authoritative voice of reassurance for all working women, whether considering starting a family or in the middle of a preg...
Yoga for pregnancy and birth
  • Yoga for pregnancy and birth

  • N & M Shandler
  • Expectant parents can gain great mental and physical benefits by the daily practice and discipline of yoga during pregnancy. Yoga for Pregnancy and birth addresses itself to  pregnant women and p...
Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Uma Dinsmore - Tuli
  • Breathe easier during your pregnancy and beyond "Improve Your Pregnancy with Yoga" offers you an effective and uniquely holistic guide to maximizing your health and your spiritual and emotio...
Your baby, Your Way
  • Your baby, Your Way

  • Deborah Cooper
  • Your baby, Your Way will inspire and assist you through your child's journey from conception to birth and beyond. It will encourage you to celebrate your body, have confidence in your capacity to ...
Your Birth Rights
  • Your Birth Rights

  • Pat Thomas
  • This guide enables mothers to make positive choices about pregnancy and childbirth, It encourages them to trust and act on their instincts rather than acquiesce to the many unevaluated routines and pr...
Your Body Your Baby
  • Your Body Your Baby

  • Libesman T & Sripathy V
  • Your Body Your Baby challenges the myth that "Dr knows best". It provides accurate and comprehensive information about consequences and risks, alternatives, sources of support, and legal rig...
Your Childbirth Education Classes: Finding Clients
  • Your Childbirth Education Classes: Finding Clients

  • Andrea Robertson
  • This booklet will help you in establishing and running childbirth education classes. It offers a guide on assessing and targeting your market, venue, fees as well as promotion. ...
Your pregnancy bible
  • Your pregnancy bible

  • Dr Anne Deans
  • Over 1 million copies sold worldwide. Now in its 4th edition, the book has been redesigned and contains the latest possible medical breakthroughs and thinking. Dozens of new photographs have been take...
Your Pregnancy Week by week
  • Your Pregnancy Week by week

  • Glade Curtis & Judith Schuler
  • With millions of copies sold worldwide, Your Pregnancy Week by Week is the established go-to resource for expectant parents time and time again. The book’s trademark week-by-week formula helps e...
Your Pregnancy Week by week
  • Your Pregnancy Week by week

  • Lesley Regan
  • This is the new edition of this bestselling guide - find out what to expect from conception to birth. From the moment after conception to feeding your newborn baby, Professor Lesley Regan - world-reno...