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Breastfeeding Twins. We did it!
  • Breastfeeding Twins. We did it!

  • Alison McIntosh
  • I successfully breastfed my twin girls for a year, but it was a team effort for sure. Thsi booklet gives a stage by stage insight into my experiences, during the first days and weeks, then throughout ...
Double Trouble
  • Double Trouble

  • Emma Mahony
  • This indispensable guide to multiple pregnancy, birth and beyond, comes from an expert on the subject – Emma Mahony is a twin herself as well as being the mother of twins. Humorous cartoons from...
DVD In the womb - Vol 1 & 2
  • DVD In the womb - Vol 1 & 2

  • National Geographical
  • Featuring four critically-acclaimed In the womb specialis from the National Geographic, the In the womb collection opens a window into the hidden world of the foetus as never before. With advanced CGI...
Feeding twins triplets and more
  • Feeding twins triplets and more

  • Multiple births foundation
  • Mothers expecting twins and triplets will be inevitably give a lot of thought to how they plan to feed their new babies. Not only are the nutritional aspects important, but there are practical implica...
Mothering Multiples
  • Mothering Multiples

  • Karen Kerkhoff Gromada
  • Can I breastfeed twins?" "How will I coordinate nursing triplets?" "Will my body produce enough milk for quadruplets?" Many mothers of multiples find themselves asking these q...
  • Twins

  • C. Agnew A Klein & J Ganon
  • Twins! is a comprehensive guide for all parents preparing for a multiple birth. It is filled with practical advice from specialists who work with expectant mothers and their twins every day.From the m...