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Birth Issues (Volume 13 Number 2 - 2004)
  • Birth Issues (Volume 13 Number 2 - 2004)

  • Margaret Barnes
  • Childbirth is a transformational rite of passage with profound effects on parents and baby. These effects have lifelong consequences for all those involved. For each individual, the process shapes the...
Birthplace Magazine Issue 93
  • Birthplace Magazine Issue 93

  • Birthplace
  • Birthplace was formed in mid 1982 by a group of parents concerned about widening the range of childbirth alternatives, and making homebirth more accessible by providing an efficient and reliable infor...
Bouncing Back After Your Pregnancy
  • Bouncing Back After Your Pregnancy

  • Curtis G & Schuler J
  • Picking up where most pregnancy books leave off, Bouncing Back After Your Pregnancy covers the care of mother and baby and the new family dynamic during the eight to twelve weeks of postpartum adjustm...
Drugs in pregnancy and lactation
  • Drugs in pregnancy and lactation

  • Briggs,Freeman & Yaffe
  • Thsis book has enjoyed great success with obstetricians, pediatricians, family practice physicians, other physicians, nurses and pharmacists who deal with pregnant and nursing mothers. The reviews are...
Fire and Ice
  • Fire and Ice

  • Maryanne Sea
  • Fire and ice is the involving account of Maryanne Sea's gradual process of recovery from severe environmental illness and the condition known as 'frozeness', in which awareness and body ar...
Hip screening in the newborn
  • Hip screening in the newborn

  • David Anthony Jones
  • Preventive medicine is increasingly gaining in importance, but screening for hip problems is often not performed effectively. This book brings together all the theory and practical facts of screening ...
Hormone Heresy
  • Hormone Heresy

  • Sherrill Sellman
  • Sherill Sellman is an international seminar leader, trainer, lecturer, author and psychotherapist. She has extensively researched the most vital and up-to-date information necessary for womens health ...
Hysterectomy - The case against
  • Hysterectomy - The case against

  • Sandra Simkin
  • One hundred thousand hysterectomys are performed in the UK each year; Sandra Simkin argues that 90 percentof them are unnecessary. There are many reasons why hysterectomy has become a contested medica...
The Child of Your Dreams
  • The Child of Your Dreams

  • Laura Archera Huxley & Piero Ferrucci
  • By exploring the myriad, but all too frequently neglected, psychological and spiritual dimensions of conception, childbirth, and parenthood, you can positively influence the mental and emotional devel...
The Courage to Heal
  • The Courage to Heal

  • Bass & Davis
  • Drawing on the authors' personal experience and professional knowledge, this book is aimed at women who have been victims of sexual abuse as children. It offers advice on coming to terms with the ...
The menopause industry
  • The menopause industry

  • Sandra Coney
  • This groundbreaking book challenges both medical and popular stereotypes of women at mid-life. Sandra Coney argues that healthy mid-life women are being targeted by vested interests with products and ...
The Wild Genie: The Healing Power of Menstruation
  • The Wild Genie: The Healing Power of Menstruation

  • Alexandra Pope
  • Celebrate the dignity and deeper meaning of woman's cyclical nature. Especially if you suffer from PMS, fibroids, cramping, and other menstrual problems, the wise advice of a respected psychothera...
Women From Birth To Death
  • Women From Birth To Death

  • Jalland P & Hooper J
  • This important book presents rich source material on the dominant biological views of womens lives in Victorian and Edwardian Britain. It reconstructs and analyses key stages in the women's life c...
Women's Health: An essential guide for the modern woman
  • Women's Health: An essential guide for the modern woman

  • Karen Evennett
  • Dramatic new knowledge is being discovered that is vital, even life-saying to women. Find out how to benefit from the current changes, from menstruation and contraception to gynecological problems, in...
Women's Sexual Health
  • Women's Sexual Health

  • Gilly Andrews
  • Sexual health encompasses a broad range of interlinked mental, physical and emotional issues, reflecting how well-being, illness or a particular problem can influence a woman's sexuality and affec...
Womens Waterworks: Curing Incontinence
  • Womens Waterworks: Curing Incontinence

  • Dr Pauline Chiarelli
  • There is a one in three chance that any woman ready this book has a secret: incontinence -  the problem of being unable to always control her waterworks. Chances are, too, that if she has been br...