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Bountiful, Beautiful Blissfull
  • Bountiful, Beautiful Blissfull

  • Gurmukh
  • Gurmukh is known as the "Guru to the Stars". In her book she provides a blueprint for maintaining emotional, physical and spiritual health during the nine months of pregnancy and life with t...
DVD (and Book) Yoga for pregnancy
  • DVD (and Book) Yoga for pregnancy

  • Theresa Jamieson
  • Pregnancy is a brief and very special time in a womans life. Practising Yoga during pregnancy is a safe and gentle way to enjoy light exercise and relaxation. Theresa Jamieson takes you through gentle...
DVD - Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth
  • DVD - Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Uma Dinsmore - Tuli
  • Is this the right book for me? Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth offers you and your birth partner an effective and uniquely holistic guide to maximising your health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy and ...
DVD - Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth
  • DVD - Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Wellbeing for mums to be
  • Take time out for you and your baby with this easy-to-follow and informative program for every mum-to-be. It was devised by and features pre-natal Yoga teacher Katie Brown, who was seven months pregna...
DVD Antenatal yoga
  • DVD Antenatal yoga

  • Kathy Taylor and Tricia Robinson
  • This easy to follow beginners guide to yoga during pregnancy not only features safe yoga exercises, but also offers relaxation tips, helpful breathing techniques and labour and birth positions for the...
DVD Exercise for pregnancy
  • DVD Exercise for pregnancy

  • Preggie Beliies
  • Every woman deserves access to quality fitness training throughout her pregnancy. Preggi Bellies was established in 1998 by physiotherapists and mother of three, Lauren Gabriel and Michelle Gray It...
DVD Maternal Fitness
  • DVD Maternal Fitness

  • Julie Tuplers
  • The maternal fitness program is a mind/body exercise experience - the missing link in childbirth education. We recommend you start this programme as early as possible, which once learned, can be incor...
DVD Pilates for pregnancy
  • DVD Pilates for pregnancy

  • Allan Menezes
  • Pilates is a dynamic exercise system that helps you develop inner strength, a more shapely body, better posture, flexibility , blalnce and control. The result? A younger looking & more confiden...
DVD Pilates for pregnancy
  • DVD Pilates for pregnancy

  • Lynne Robinson
  • Designed for use in pregnancy from 16 weeks onwards and from 6 weeks after the birth Not only will this workout help you to feel good about yourself, but by boosting your body's lymphatic, circ...
DVD Prenatal & Postnatal yoga
  • DVD Prenatal & Postnatal yoga

  • element
  • Both during and after pregnancy, yoga is a perfect way to firm your body, build strenght and gain flexibility. These two yoga practices, filnmed in a serene garden overlooking the pacific ocean, are a...
DVD Prenatal Yoga
  • DVD Prenatal Yoga

  • Shiva Rea
  • Pregnancy is one of the most rewarding - and challenging - experiences a woman faces. As your baby grows, your body changes, creating different needs throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga, guided b...
DVD Simple postnatal yoga
  • DVD Simple postnatal yoga

  • This gentle Yoga in thsi DVD is suitable for postnatal women who have had a satisfactory 6-8 week postnatal check. The yoga is clearly demonstrated by mums. Previous yoga experience is not necessary. ...
DVD Simple Yoga for Pregnancy
  • DVD Simple Yoga for Pregnancy

  • Little Gems Yoga Productions
  • The yoga in this DVD is suitable for pregnant women from the 14th week until the end of pregnancy. The clearly described yoga is demonstrated by pregnant women and is easy to follow even if you are ne...
Easy Exercise for Pregnancy
  • Easy Exercise for Pregnancy

  • Janet Balaskas
  • A programme of gentle exercises to encourage a relaxed and healthy pregnancy, improve posture and relieve discomfort, and to reduce tiredness and stress while preparing for birth and motherhood ...
Get fit in bed
  • Get fit in bed

  • Genie Tartell & Ted Kavanau
  • Here is the fitness solution many of us have been waiting for - a strengthening, conditioning and toning program that anyone can do from the warmth and comfort of his or her own bed. Older folks, peop...
Inner Beauty, Inner Light
  • Inner Beauty, Inner Light

  • Frederick Leboyer
  • "It is an honour for a student of Yoga like myself to be associated with Dr Frederick Leboyer and his work through Inner beauty, Inner light. It was providence which brought us together a decade ...
Leave your mind behind
  • Leave your mind behind

  • Mathew McKay & Catharine Sutker
  • We typically have little control over our thoughts, but we often invest them with a lot of authority—even when they contradict what our experiences tell us to be true. Take a moment right now an...
Mother & Baby Yoga
  • Mother & Baby Yoga

  • Yoga Baby Bliss
  • You will discover through Mother & Baby Yoga, how touch and movement will have a wonderfully positive influence on both you, and your beautiful baby. ...
Postnatal exercises
  • Postnatal exercises

  • Barbara Whiteford and Margie Polden
  • Toning up your muscles and getting your body back into shape after childbirth can be both an enjoyable and a sociable time. Adjusting to the new person in your life is very exciting, but you will need...
Postnatal Fitness
  • Postnatal Fitness

  • Judy DiFiore
  • A practical handbook for: the regular exerciser who wishes to do much more than just flatten her tummy after having her baby, plus the exercise instructor who desires a better understanding of what po...
Pregnancy & Fitness
  • Pregnancy & Fitness

  • Lisa Curry
  • This is a complete guide to designing and maintaining an exercise programme during pregnancy and beyond into the postnatal period. Specifically designed for every stage of pregnancy, the exercises are...
Preparing for Birth with Yoga
  • Preparing for Birth with Yoga

  • Janet balaskas
  • Adopting an approach to yoga which is designed to help the expectant mother to develop confidence in her body, and avoiding complicated jargon, this book explains in detail how to attune to natural en...
Relaxation and exercise for the Childbearing Year
  • Relaxation and exercise for the Childbearing Year

  • Eileen Brayshaw & Pauline wright
  • This text for pregnant women and their partners covers the physical preparation necessary for the three aspects of childbirth - pregnancy, labour/birth and postnatal. Topics covered include: how to de...
The Pilates Pregnancy
  • The Pilates Pregnancy

  • Mari Windsor
  • Pilates is the ultimate form of exercise and relaxation for the pregnant body. It is also a fantastic, low-impact way to get back in shape post-delivery. Follow the gentle exercises for less than half...
The yoga of pregnancy
  • The yoga of pregnancy

  • Mel Campbell
  • Focusing on creating a conscious union with the growing baby in utero, this detailed guide introduces a practice of weekly meditations, yoga, and affirmations that reflect the developmental and physio...
Yoga for Belly Birth and Baby
  • Yoga for Belly Birth and Baby

  • Natalie Burgess
  • Pregnancy is a special time in every woman's life and the nine month journey of pregnancy enable you to prepare for not only the labor and birth of your baby, but also for early motherhood. Many w...
Yoga For Pregnancy & to get back into shape
  • Yoga For Pregnancy & to get back into shape

  • Freedman F & Hall D
  • If you are absolutely new to yoga, approaching the birth of a baby is a wonderful time to start, just when you need all that it has to offer to adjust to the joys and challenges of pregnancy, birth an...
Yoga for pregnancy , birth and beyond
  • Yoga for pregnancy , birth and beyond

  • Francoise Barbira Freedman
  • Enhance your experience of pregnancy and birth with the meditative power of yoga. Step-by-step yoga postures specially adapted for each trimester, relaxation techniques and simple breathing exercises ...
Yoga for pregnancy and birth
  • Yoga for pregnancy and birth

  • N & M Shandler
  • Expectant parents can gain great mental and physical benefits by the daily practice and discipline of yoga during pregnancy. Yoga for Pregnancy and birth addresses itself to  pregnant women and p...
Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Uma Dinsmore - Tuli
  • Breathe easier during your pregnancy and beyond "Improve Your Pregnancy with Yoga" offers you an effective and uniquely holistic guide to maximizing your health and your spiritual and emotio...
Your life after birth
  • Your life after birth

  • Paddy O Brien
  • This positive and Practical handbook draws on womens own accounts of their post-natal feelings and experiences, and provides a comprehensive programme of relaxation, guided fantasy, assertiveness and ...